Sunday, April 4, 2010

Decision Time

Friends, its decision time...

I've been thinking of having just one blog for a looooong time. I'm having a hard time keeping up with two blogs and really anything I post here I can post on my family blog. Even the's just honest me being me.

I think I shall just have my family blog and put this blog to rest. I have had a good year run and am hoping any readers will just make the small journey to my family blog. I promise there will be some good stories and lots of craziness. Of course there will also be pictures of my family, but they are all really cute and my camera is broken (again) so there won't be a ton of them.

Thanks for all your comments and the love.
If you miss me you can just jump over to AAA Plus One. I'll be there with all my craziness having a good time.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Monday

Head on over to the mother of Not Me Mondays to see what else has not been happening.

I did not send a desperate text message to a recently pregnant friend for some drugs to stop the morning sickness yesterday. That would be totally against all kinds of take someones prescription. That did not make me sleep from 5pm to 1am on the couch after taking said drugs. They make mama sleeeeeeeeepy.

I wanted to use two coupons when buying lunch for the family the other day and the coupons clearly state that you may only use one per customer per visit. I did not discuss the plan with my sweet husband in the car so he could order our lunch and I would order the kids' lunch and we could both use a coupon. That would be taking this budget thing way too far. The coupon karma fairy totally won...lunch was gross with a capital G. Yuck.

I went to a lovely baby shower yesterday for a beautiful young lady I have known for many, many years. I did not feel the least bit jealous of her. She only has a week or two to go and I have seven long months ahead of me. She looks like she swallowed a basketball and that is it, no pregnant face, no swollen feet...just absolutely beautiful.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 reasons that a pregnant girl shouldn't go to the grocery store unsupervised

1. Polish kielbasa
2. Jalapeno flautas
3. Chinese food "for the sweet husband"
4. Beef and chile burrito
5. Lettuce
6. Bananas
7. Strawberries
8. Grapes
9. Carrot Cake
10. Chicken strips

Thursday, March 18, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 Reasons I love Spring

1. The sun. Ahhhh, the sun, the glorious sun shows his pretty face again and warms the earth and my heart.

2. Tulips. One of my absolute favorite flowers and when I see the tips of the green leaves poking through the dirt I begin to smile. Now if only I could get them to last a little while longer.

3. Yard work. The sweet husband loves to be outside making our yard look better each year. I love being out there planting my flowers and cleaning my patio furniture for future fireside talks and picnics.

4. Letting the kids out after a long Northern winter is the best medicine for just about everything. The bikes, scooters, push cars and sidewalk chalk that clutter the driveway is a wonderful sight.

5. Daylight Savings. Need I say more?

6. After dinner walks with the family. Made possible by #5.

7. Caramel highlights which have already been strategically placed all over my head to make me brighter, lighter and spring sexy.

8. All the things I bought all winter long, while thrifting, that need a fresh coat of white paint can finally be beautified. Well not by prego me apparently, as I was told by the sweet husband today when he came home for lunch to find me standing outside with a can of spray paint in hand.

9. Bye bye Uggs...hello Tevas.

10. Most importantly...Easter. Jesus is Risen! Hallelujah! The new pastel dresses and the colored eggs are just a tiny bonus.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Would You Rather

Last night when I was tucking in my son I decided to play a few games of would you rather with him.

Me: Would you rather have to wear big pink hoop earrings everyday or wear a skirt every Monday for the rest of your life?
A skirt you could hide in you pants.

Me: Would you rather have to sleep on a sandpaper bed or wear sandpaper underwear?
Sandpaper bed...wear lots of clothes and you wouldn't even know it.

Me: Would you rather have all your friends call you Elizabeth or wear a matching Easter dress with your little sister?

I think mine are pretty funny and very difficult for a seven year old boy.

Here are his attempts.

Son: Would your rather never see me again or kiss my face off?
Um, kiss your face off.

Son: Would you rather hug me all day every day or kiss me goodnight?
Hug you all day...I could sneak a kiss in.

Son: Would you rather be eaten by a lion or a leprechaun?
Now that's a good one...a lion definitely. Leprechauns would take little tiny bites and it would last forever.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Color Me Bad

Do you think color blindness can develop later in life? Because I can swear when I bought these pants they were gray. Warm, dark charcoal gray perfect fit for the growing belly-stay at home mom-yoga pants. Then when I got them in the car the sweet husband and the son both said they were purple. The son added that he really liked the color and I would look beautiful in them. Dang, I love that kid. And now, today when I put them on to lounge, nap and watch girl movies they are brown. Seriously.

Oooh, remember that clothing line that changed color when we were younger? You know the sweatshirts that were light blue and then when you blew hot air on them they changed to pink. Or purple to blue or whatever. It was like a mood ring sweatshirt. I didn't have one but a friend did and I loved to borrow it. I'm not making this up. Am I?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Book Club

I don't actually belong to a book club. Well, I do but there is only one member. Me. I can read at my own pace, no upcoming book club meeting to be read up for. It is a quick discussion of the chapters and there is no arguing on which book to read next. It's quite lovely. And if I read one that I just have to discuss with someone else I give the book to a girlfriend to read.

I had a little tiny goal to read a book a month and February was a good month. I read three.

The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory is my new favorite book. I watched the movie first and was hooked. I was told the movie was not even comparable to the book so I was so excited to begin reading. Oh and once I did I couldn't put it down. It intrigued me and it entertained me and I fell in love with Mary Boleyn. I simply adore her.
Ms. Gregory took the historical story of Henry VIII, Anne & Mary Boleyn and wrote a little fiction about what else happened around court. She does a delightful job. Come to think of it, I adore her too. She has a list of other books that I still need to read. They are on the book club list. See how easy that is, I just put them on the list.

I also read The Effect of Living Backwards written by Heidi Julavits. My book club is still out on this one. This is one I just handed to a girlfriend and said read it. I need some help with this one. First, it wasn't the book I expected. I thought it was the book where two sisters write letters back and forth. It's not. It's not even close to that. Well, there are sisters in her story. One is funny and dark. The other one is not. It starts in some institution where they reenact things from your past to see what really happened. What? Weird, right. Then there is a plane. And a hijacking which may or may not be a real hijacking and a crazy hotel. I don't know. I didn't stop reading it...I had to see where she was going with all this. I had to see what the point was. I admit, even at the end, I still wasn't sure.
Ok, so this would have been helpful to actually have some other members to discuss what the heck was going on.

The last book I read in less than twenty four hours. I started one night before bed, stayed up waaaaay too late and then finished it the next morning. Jason F. Wright is the sweet little author of The Wednesday Letters. It is short and an easy read. It made me laugh and I finished the last pages through tears. It is a wonderful story of love and forgiveness and the amazing power of our God. The title refers to the husband who writes his wife a letter every Wednesday starting the day they are married. What in the sweetest idea ever, right?
I also gave this one to a girlfriend to read and she was sending me text messages that very same day about the ending of the book. You should read it. Make sure you have tissues.

Happy Reading!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

10 Things Thursday

Dang, is it Thursday already???

10 things about spending your days with four little girls under the age of three.
Oh this is going to be good..

1. I have thought about making gladiator costumes for two of the girls who just can't get along. I'm talking, tackling, hair pulling, eye poking, strong arm lean, name it, it's been done. Any suggestion for stage names?

2. The skinniest one of them all is ALWAYS hungry. Her favorite way to tell me is "I'm really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, (you think I'm kidding, but I'm not), really, really, really, really, really, really, hungry. Perhaps she has a tapeworm.

3. The younger ones think books are for standing on, like little tiny steps to make them taller. They are so confused when I tell them books aren't for standing, but for reading. Crazy concept, I know.

4. There is nothing sweeter than one of them tells you she loves you or when one comes and rubs your arm and smiles her sweet smile.

5. Messy diapers are contagious. Oh, I wish I was leads to two, which leads to three, which causes the potty trained one to have to go too.

6. There is such a thing as barrette envy. If one girl has a barrette in her hair then everyone wants a barrette in their hair. Including me.

7. You know the books that have the little buttons on the side that make noises. You are supposed to read the books and push the buttons at the appropriate time. I don't want to say I hate those books...but I do.

8. Sharing? What's that?

9. Toast is always a hit, as is popcorn and cocoa puffs. But, none of them compare to the time I found a bag of those little mini cookies. Jackpot!

10. Little girl nicknames are the cutest and I love my Boo, JuJu, Audrey Pie and Lola Beans to pieces.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Not Me Monday

Pregnancy Edition

I would like to promise you that this will be the last you will hear about the pregnancy, but I just can't. I'm soooo excited and I just can't hide it...(sing with me) I'm about to lose control and I think I like it.

I did not take three pregnancy test in one morning to make sure that the three negative tests I had previously taken were completely and absolutely wrong. I did not run outside to show them to the sweet husband to see if I was crazy. (His response was this "Ok, I'm going to go get you some popsicle sticks and I will get a blue crayon and put a line on it and you can pee on those from now on.") I also did not text a picture of all three test to one of my girlfriends who is an expert at all things fertility.

I did not see a super skinny mom at the pool with her kids and only for a minute get a little bit jealous before it passed and I smiled to myself. She might be super skinny but she isn't growing a human.

I did not find it a little bit odd that twice while shopping in the last two weeks I have had some sort of crazy craving for orange juice and head to the cooler, get a bottle, open it up and drink it while finishing my shopping. I did not pray each time that this meant I was expecting. I can't tell you that last time I had a craving for orange juice (without vanilla vodka)...oh wait yes I can. It was last January when the daughter was born.

I was completing some forms for something and had to put the date my last child was born and my current due date. I did not freak out just a little when the dates were in 2009 and 2010. Um, who does that (other than my grandma who had twelve children)??? Yikes and Hallelujah all together!

I am not convinced that it will be a boy. When I was pregnant the first time I sooooo wanted a girl and I got a boy. Then I really wanted a little brother for the big brother and we got a girl. So now that I have decided that having daughters is fun and frilly and pink I will get guessed it...a boy. Feel free to place bets. Odds are that I'm right.

I did not already think about my sweet baby belly in my black bikini this summer. This is the only time it is ok to wear a bikini and not have a flat supermodel belly...I plan on taking advantage. Um, I should note that this will only be in my backyard or up on the river where no one can see but those that love me.

I have not already put a plan of action into place to get my house in order before the morning sickness starts. I just think it will be easier to keep it half way manageable if it is in tip top shape to begin with. And as crazy as this sounds, I'm looking forward to the morning sickness. Morning sickness, if you have had two miscarriages, is a sign that things are working as they should be.

Friday, March 5, 2010

God is Good

God reads my blog.
Either that or he knows my heart.
But it is kind of cool to think he reads my blog.
However, if He does I need to watch my language.
Sorry about that.

You know the blog I wrote yesterday.
The 10 things that would make me happy.
Well today was sunny.
The sweet husband had the day off.
My sweet baby did not have a fever for the first time in almost a week.
I finally got a positive pregnancy test.
Or three, but who's counting.
Except for the husband who wants to know how one can spend $50 on pregnancy tests.

I also got a sweet tea.
But, that wasn't from God.
It was from the best sister in the whole world.
Who was initially from God.
It wasn't until later that I was having a drinky of that delicious bev that I realized she had read the blog and did what she could to make me happy.
Dang, she is good.
But, not as good as God.

Because God gave me a baby.
He answered my prayers.
He knew my heart and blessed me once again.
God is good.

We would double love your prayers.
We are praying.
We are praying that I can carry this baby until November.
We are praying that this baby is healthy.

Did I mention?
God is Good.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 things that would make me happy

1. watching any episode of Glee (again)
2. a big glass of sweet tea
3. a positive freaking pregnancy test
4. the sweet husband to be home
5. a baby girl who did not have a fever (for the last 6 days) and was not crying
6. full custody of my son
7. a warm sunny day
8. a hot stone massage
9. to wake up and have magically lost forty pounds
10. and to be laying on a beach somewhere in Maui

I'm just sayin'

Nice to Meet You

Was reading one of my fave blogs one morning and it made me think of a little story.

First, I'll tell you that I have the worst gag reflex of anyone on the face of the planet. It is crazy and gross and I unfortunately passed it on to both of my children. I know, right? Ugh.

My son has always been a puker. Even when he was little. Especially, when he was little. He would say he was hot which was little to no warning because seconds later...puke. Everywhere. I got used to it and could control my own gagging to a bare minimum. Which I found quite magical and miraculous all at the same time.

After I had been dating the sweet husband (before he was the sweet husband, just the sweet boyfriend) for a while he made mention that at some point he was going to need to meet my child. We decided that a fun afternoon of Chuck E Cheese and dinner would be a great place for introductions. We had a great time at the mouse house. The son, who was three, was busy playing games and running around. At one point I ran to the bathroom and there was some sort of, um, disagreement between the two boys. Ok, not a disagreement but I think there was maybe some throwing of shoes and then maybe my son punched the boyfriend. Oopsy. I swear he was better behaved than that. And, I did swear the SB (sweet boyfriend).

But that is only the beginning. When we got to dinner we were waiting for our table the SB whispered something to the son. Something like "tell your mom she is beautiful". Well, apparently it was like a bad game of telephone like you used to play when you were younger...because what was said to me by the son was "He said you were old." I laughed and laughed. Was he trying to sabotage the date? Dang, that kid was smart even then.

The finale came at dinner when we were all eating and, I thought, enjoying our meals. I was sitting in the middle of my two boys. Aidan looked at me and said "Mommy, I'm hot." Oh, no. No you're not. Just rest for a minute. But I didn't even have a minute. He stood up in the booth and bent over and for some crazy reason my mama reaction was to put a napkin in my hands and cup them like a bowl under his mouth. It was over in an instant and I was nervous to look at the SB. Let's be honest...this may very well be the grossest thing ever. Is he really going to want to hold my hand after he just saw it full of chewed up and half digested grilled cheese? Ewwww. (By the way, I'm gagging just typing's ridiculous) He was amazing, (of course) he asked if there was anything he could do to help while I was trying to get us both out of the booth and to the bathroom to clean up.

The good thing about the son is that he recovers very quickly and was back to throwing the SB under the bus in no time. The SB only joked about it later when he could kiss away my fears that it would be enough to chase him away. Thank goodness, because I was pretty much head over heels for him even then.

And although that first night wasn't perfect, it pretty much is now.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I am.
I can't help it.
I haven't had any sleep for daaaaays.
I want what I want when I want it and that doesn't always happen.
My house is messy even though it feels like all I have been doing is cleaning.
My baby girl is sick.
My son just turned seven. (which only means I'm running out of time)
I haven't opened my curtains yet this morning.
I actually have no intentions of doing it either.
Just so you know.
I could take a nap but then I would just feel guilty.
I am crabby.

The only thing that is saving me is that I'm watching R Patts* on Jimmy Fallon.

*Robert Pattinson...keep up.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Me Monday

Head on over to the mother of Not Me Mondays to see what else has not been happening.

I had big plans for Sunday to include yoga, pedicure, and lunch. I did not spend the day at home with a baby who had a 101 degree fever. She did not nap all day and then stay up until eleven pm.

I had a house full of girls the other day. I heard a thump and a scream and when I looked for the cause found one girl had tackled another on the hard wood floors. I did not use a four letter word when I saw it was my little girl on the bottom. I did not realize I even said it until the three year old girl repeated me numerous times. Oopsy.

Afternoon cocktails sounded like such a glorious idea the night before. Even while I was drinking a bottle of hard apple cider it seemed delicious. It did not take just a few of them to make my head hurt and bring on the need for a nap.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Ramblies Ramblies

Just gave four little girls (all under the age of three) some scrambled eggs, toast and some Sesame Street and am experiencing the first silence of the morning. It's nice, but I love when they are "talking" to each other and dancing more.

The eggs are from a girl that the sweet husband works with. She apparently has lots of chickens and too many eggs for her family so she brings some to share. I haven't eaten one of them. Can't bring myself to do it. I know, it's crazy. Trust me, I know.

You know what I can't stop eating? Mini bagels with cream cheese. It's the best 165 calories I eat all day. Funny thing is I wouldn't eat cream cheese at all until a few years ago.

Moved the furniture around in our bedroom yesterday. We try not to have "sides" of the bed. The discussion last night was who sleeps closer to the door. The sweet husband wants to be closer to the door because he is the man and he can protect me. I want to sleep closer to the door because I get up with my bebes during the night. I won. Guess what? The precious daughter slept through the night. Which is also a win for me.

Not a win is that last night when I woke up and was looking to the right I can see down the hall. Then I got scared that I could see someone walking down the hall. Wonder if I could talk the sweet husband into sleeping closer to the door and getting up with the kids? Now, that would be a win win.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 things about the 2010 Winter Olympics

1. I love the USA snowboarder team jackets. Super cute.
2. I do not love their pants...bad baggy jeans. Really?
3. These athletes are in wicked good shape.
4. What is it with curling? Is this really an Olympic sport? It looks like a life size game of shuffle board to me. Super odd.
5. I have a girl crush on Lindsey Vonn. She is crazy beautiful and seems genuine and happy.
6. I cried when she hugged her husband when she won gold.
7. I get that ice skating/dancing is really hard and takes a lot of work but I do not want to watch it. Ever.
8. Shaun White looks way too much like Carrot Top, but I love him anyway.
9. I think that the Olympians have a responsibility to be well behaved and do what is right. Or at the very least, remember that everyone has cameras and cell phones (with cameras) these days and everything they do will be made public...very very public.
10. That being said, I think we should take it easy on them...some of them are very young.

Friday, February 19, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 things I do not understand about being thirteen months old

1. Since when is tearing up a paper napkin into tiny pieces the epitome of a good time.
2. You would think wiping your nose would be better than having snot all over your face. No?
3. Same with diapers...being clean and dry seems to be a better alternative. Again, no?
4. Can you just leave your shoes on for one minute?
5. Your daddy can hold will survive. Or your grandparents. You don't need to be on mama's hip all day long.
6. I know you love buttons which is why we got you a toy phone and remote. You may not touch the real ones, no matter how many times you try or how mad you get.
7. A tantrum? Really? Really?
8. Rocks cannot taste that good. Why must you dig them out of my plants and eat them?
9. If you are deep asleep how do you know when I walk out of your room? How can you tell right when I lay down in my own bed that is time to cry again? Are you a genius?
10. How is it that you can make everything better with that one little smile? I wish I had that glorious skill.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Power Out

This is what happens when your electric company turns off your power for an hour and you have exhausted all flashlight games and you luckily find Yo Gabba Gabba on the internet. Thank goodness my laptop battery was charged.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 things I ate today

1. mini bagel
2. light cream cheese on the bagel
3. one slice of orange that I fed to four little girls
4. one bite of cheesecake ice cream (yuck)
5. mini sugar cookie from 1st grade Valentines Day party
6. half a burrito
7. chocolate chip cookie

Um, that's all I ate. I don't know why. Yesterday I was staaaaaarving. Today I didn't even think about eating until 7pm. Weird.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Top of the Morning

Started the day with...

some giggles from a blog I love.
a son on the front page of the paper.
a mini bagel with cream cheese.
a date with the track.

The day will also include...

volunteering in my son's class.
making a "freezes beautifully" meal for a new mama.
doing some laundry in search of my fave jeans.
deliver said meal to new mama and squeeze on baby boy.
a little visit to check on a girlfriend.
a full night of sleep without interruptions. (a girl can wish can't she)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Well, it's always something isn't it?

Just when you think you have everything figured out and everything is going as it should you get a phone call or (this time) a text message.



I don't know if I want to take care of it right away or wait until next week and just act like it didn't happen at all for a few days.

Oh, let's be honest...I'm waiting.

I need some time to think.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Ramblies Ramblies

The sweet husband gave me flowers last (not three days ago) Friday. They were my favorites...stargazer lilies. They are still gorgeous and super fragrant and I have half a dozen more to bloom. I can't believe they have lasted this long. It is such a treat. I double love them.

I double love the story behind them too. On one of our very first dates I mentioned in passing (in fact, I don't remember mentioning it at all) that they were my favorite flowers. On my birthday that year...less than a month after our first date he brought me those exact flowers to my work and smiled a sneaky smile when I was shocked he knew my favorite flower. Ahhhhhh.

Have been super stinking busy with little girls at my house almost every day and my little girl started walking so I've been doing a little chasing. Well, a lot of chasing. She is a go go. And her favorite place to play is under my kitchen sink. Which is where we keep all the Mr. Yuck stuff. Just kidding, we don't. Remember Mr. Yuck. The neon green stickers you were supposed to put on stuff so your kids wouldn't drink whatever was in said container.

I saw a guy at the gym today that I could name Mr. Yuck. I know, I'm terrible. But let's back up a little...I was at the gym. Hurray. I had a good visit with my friend the track and he missed me. He has changed a little...he has made a lot of new friends(it was crazy busy), he has new stickers on his lanes to direct all his new friends and call me crazy but I think he is a bit rounder than he was. Just sayin'.

My son and I were going to have a karaoke party but apparently my karaoke machine is broken and now, so is my heart. I'm afraid the only thing that will completely heal it (my heart) is a new sing a long fellow or a trip to Hawaii. Either one.

My favorite karaoke song. Bette Davis Eyes. Hands down.

All the boys thinks she's a spy. She's got Bette Davis eyes.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not Me Monday

Head on over to the mother of Not Me Mondays to see what else has not been happening.

I was not sick three times in the last week and a half. I did not get asked if I was pregnant at least a dozen times. It did not hurt me to my core every time I answered no. It may have been the flu or it may be an old ulcer acting up. Not sure and since I believe doctors are deliverers of bad news I do not intend on going to one. No matter what you say.

I did not finish reading two books in the month of January (which was one of my 2010 things to do Yeah me!) and not love either of them. One was Alice Hoffman's The Probable Future and the other was The Testing of Luther Albright by Mackenzie Bezos. Once I start a book I must finish it. It is an annoying fault of mine and often drives me crazy. Hopefully February will bring a book I adore.

I did not find my daughter in my bathroom using a tampon as her own personal chew toy. That would be disgusting. Ok, it was a little funny. The sweet husband didn't think it was funny at all. She was not just now chewing on a dishwasher square soap. Ugh. Looks like we will be headed to Target today to get some cabinet locks. ( I swear I'm a better mother than that makes me seem)

Friday, January 29, 2010


The family took a walk on Sunday afternoon down by the lake.

Ahhhh...53 degree weather is absolutely lovely and not at all expected in our hometown in the month of January. It was delightful. We took hot drinks and strolled the baby girl while my son rode his scooter all over the trail. We are super duper lucky to have a trail that goes for miles and miles and some of those blessed miles are next to the lake.

We are also lucky that the bicyclists were watching where they were going since my son clearly was not and almost got smashed not once, but twice. Geesh. For the record, I was watching him but I let him ride up in front of us so he could go at a lightning fast speed instead of a "mom & dad in love pushing his little sister in a stroller" speed. He tried to ride behind us, but (and please don't tell my son) I actually don't have eyes in the back of my head and the trail was busy that day and I don't trust strangers. So I let him ride ahead of us which is better so no one will steal him, but still doesn't matter if there is a bicycle coming at him also going at lightning fast speed. I did make sure to both apologize and thank said tight shorts bicycle man for not smashing that daydreaming child of mine.

Other than those two close calls it was a lovely and relaxing afternoon with the ones I love the most. I can't wait to do it again. For next time...should I make him stay next to me or just put a bubble around him?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 Things I'm doing to my bedroom to make it the lovely space it desires to be

1. Hang the new sheer, white french knot curtains I found at Ikkkkea

2. Dyed sheets. Found some pink Ralph Lauren sheets, still in the package, I bought when I was single and thought I would finally get to have a pink bedroom. A little Rit will do the trick.

3. Move furniture around a few times until I likey the feng shui

4. Take out at least two pieces of said furniture and find new homes for them

5. Make a big, soft, white headboard. Been reading blogs on how to do it and it looks pretty simple and the result is fabulous

6. Touch up paint

7. Paint trim white and add white chair rail and perhaps a white ceiling rail

8. Get brother in law to make granite tops for night stands

9. Hang sweet goodness all over (white frames, white mirror, white paintings)

10. Paint black large frame a lovely shade of white and turn it into a shabby chic mirror or bulletin board (yet to be decided)

Yep, February is the month that I am finally tackling my bedroom. Have the blessing from the sweet husband to make it beautiful and am going to do just that. I have plans to post on the transformation with photos. Yeah!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me Monday

I did not have a delicious lunch at our fave place with our fave people. Well, some of our fave people. The sweet husband's brother is in town with his girlfriend that we just met today. She is lovely. Lunch was lovely. All was lovely.

We did not realize that both of us couples watch the same bad reality tv and we did not happen to have the one from last night on our dvr and we got to watch it together after lunch. We laughed and poked fun at the people. Good times.

The sweet husband is seriously too good to me. He took the morning off to hang out with me and the baby girl (and of course his brother). He did not help me clean the house and we didn't spend the morning laughing and kissing. I wish every Monday could be like this.

I did not have to sneak a moment away to do this since my house if full of family and I'm missing out so it's short and sweet today.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 reasons I love being married to the sweet husband
(other than the obvious ones like I'm madly in love and he is hot hot hot)

1. I hate to sleep alone. I love having him near to comfort me after bad dreams and I love that when one of us wakes up during the night we go for the other ones feet. We are always touching if it is even only our feet.

2. I don't have to get a chair to get things I can't reach. I just blink my long eyelashes and he gets it for me.

3. I always have a Valentines/birthday/Friday night date. Plus, he knows my favorite places to eat so there is no surprise that my picky palate won't be satisfied.

4. He takes incredible care of me. Have I told you the story how I didn't even know what side my gas tank was on for the first year I owned my new car.

5. If something is too heavy or too gross for me he steps in and saves the day.

6. It's like having my best friend as a roommate but with an extra bonus of kisses and stuff.

7. When he has the perfect bite of steak, or bread or pie he offers it to me.

8. Sometimes, still, when I look at him I wonder how I got so lucky to have him in my life.

9. He loves the little things; when I cook him dinner, when I wear his old baseball shirts to bed, when I scratch his back. All of these things make me smile when I see him smile.

10. He sings me to sleep. And that is one of the best things on God's green earth.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Get Away

Had the most fun in Portland over the weekend. Stayed with my bestie and we got to visit without distractions. By distractions I mean my sweet beautiful bebes. The one year old is in need of attention all the time (like her mama) and the six year old loves my bestie like his own. In fact, they are second best friends. She loves him (as she helped me raise him the first few years of his life) and he loves her. So without those two, one on my knee and one on hers we got to have grown up girl talk. It was amaaaaaazing. We had some cocktails (that started at 4pm, don't tell), some snacks and some giggles. We discussed some of her troubles and some of mine. We got to shop a little and eat a little delicious mexican food. It was a laid back, relaxing trip that was absolutely perfect for me. It was just what I wanted and needed.

And now on this gray Wednesday afternoon I wish I was there.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Not Me Monday

I did not develop my very first teacher crush this weekend. My girlfriend and I watched the first season of glee and I might be in love. I mean come on, he sings and dances and that is like my drug.

I did not go a little crazy while shopping in Ikea. I only get to go when we are in Portland or Seattle so I feel like I need to get all that I can while I'm there. I love it is my own little heaven. I think I actually said that while walking through with a smile on my face and a shopping cart full of white.

I did not feel the least bit out of place when we went to lunch in the hippie part of Portland yesterday and I had my paid for french manicured nails, my bright pink purse and my silver hoop earrings. It didn't make it worse when the man cleaned our table and I thanked him a little too nicely. One of my girlfriends said "Don't be so nice, they aren't used to it and they don't like it." What? Where am I? If the dang flautas weren't so good I would've left immediately.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 Things in my immediate future

1. 60 minute airplane ride with girly magazines
2. Cherry cider wine and/or apple cider wine
3. Many, much needed, long talks with my twin to fix me and the world at large
4. Late night trip to Ikkkkea with money to burn
5. A night of precious sleep with no baby feet in my ribs
6. A hot drink and a lovely morning at Powell's book store
7. Delicious lunch (Cheesecake Factory perhaps)
8. Sweet goodness pedicure
9. $8 ballroom dancing lesson
10. Glee marathon

What are you doing with this long weekend?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Change Schmange

There's been a change of plans.

I don't do well with change. I also don't do well when I don't get my way. Blame it on my dad, he spoiled me. So when there is a change of plans and it isn't my plan its like a double whammy. I am working on it. I have acknowledged the fact and am trying to be better. I'm not doing so well so far. But isn't admitting it half the battle?

I get mad and a Flanagan temper is hard to quiet. In fact you can blame that on my dad too. It also takes me a long time to get over things. Just a few of my lovely quirks. (Makes you wicked jealous of the sweet husband, huh?) I like to think I have some charm to make up for it, but I haven't been very charming lately. What's the exact opposite of charming? That's what I've been.

Change is good, right? That's what they say. I bet the "they" are people who loooooove change. Bring on the change. I hate the "they".

Silver lining:
When I'm mad I clean. My house is looking good.
I write pretty candidly when I'm mad too. You might get some good reading.
I'm sure there is more I just can't see them right now. But as soon as I do I will let you know.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Made stew, beer bread and fudge today. Hmmm. I wonder why I can't get this a$$ of mine any smaller. It's a mystery to me. A complete mystery.

By the way, the beer bread seriously is the best while its warm. Did you try it yet? Do it. I double love it. And my stew rocks. Every. Freaking. Time. Haven't had any fudge yet, but it's fudge. I mean come one. Fudge = yumm.

Been looking through magazines today. I have a little bit of a magazine addiction. Can't help it. I was going to give a pile to my mom but decided I better look through them one more time, one by one, to make sure there isn't anything I need out of them. Good thing I did. Phew. I found a few good recipes I need to try. Like, fruit filled coffee cake, granola french toast, clementine & vanilla bean quick bread. Did you get carb overload just reading that. I did. Where's the vegetables? Oh, right, I don't like vegetables. Oopsy.

Was looking at the photos of the birthday party, more directly the cake and dang, I want a piece of that right now. Fluffy white goodness with creamy lemon filling and pale pink vanilla frosting. Delightful. Speaking of the cake...

What is that little first layer doing down there on the counter by the cake plate?

Why are these three layers up here topless? It is not that kind of party.

Oh, clearly because the top layer slid off when no one was looking and this is how I found it after the party was over.

No cake for mama. Not because of the above mishap. There were two pieces left and they sat out all night after the party (I was sick & apparently didn't go into the kitchen to check) so I threw them away the next morning. But not after I had a bite to make sure they were inedible. Yep, I did.

Off to get the Bubba some stew and try that f to the udge (the half with nuts). Also known as MY half. Do you like nuts? I could share my half with you. Yes, you.

Not Me Monday

Birthday Party Edition

I did not invite too many people to my sweet princesses first birthday. It did not result in a very full house. I did not just for a minute wish my house was just a little bit bigger. However, the house was full of smiles and love for a little girl in a tutu and I didn't hear anyone complain about the lack of seats. Or the delicious spaghetti.

I did not have a two layer cake ready to frost when I decided that her birthday cake should be four layers. This did not require a late night trip to the store and an eleven pm cake bake. That would be silly and over the top. It would also be the prettiest, most scrumptious lemon cake ever.

I did not add pink food coloring to anything that I possibly could. I did not turn this house into blush and bashful heaven. I did not love every stinking minute of it.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Really? Really?

None of you that read this regularly have the love to tell me I am a grammatical idiot. Really?

I put a comma after every "but" in every post for the last nine months and now I find it goes before the word "but". AAAGGGGGHHHHHH.

Now I look like a fool. Geesh. I don't like looking foolish. I may have to take a sabbatical. My fight or flight is to flee so don't be surprised if the next you see of me is in March.

Maybe by then you will all have forgotten about my comma disaster. And even if you haven't maybe I will have, but let's be honest...probably not.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Radical Recipe

I love bread. I love it fresh with butter. I love it toasted with jam. I love it white, wheat and grainy. Oh and I really really love beer bread. I found a beer bread mix from Tastefully Simple that my whole family fell in love with. It is delicious but it also gets expensive. Looking for recipes for Christmas I found a recipe by accident that claimed to taste just like it. I tried it. It needed something. I changed it a little and now it tastes just as good if not better than their boxed mix.

It is super simple. Did I say super simple? I meant super duper simple. Don't take my word for it...try it for yourself.

Beer Bread

3 cups self rising flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 bottle of beer
3 Tbsp melted butter (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Mix sugar and flour in bowl.
Add beer and quickly mix for 20 to 30 seconds.
Pour mixture into greased pan.
Pour melted butter over top of mixture.
Bake for 50 to 60 minutes. Bread should pull away from sides of pan when done.
Remove from pan and cool on wire rack.


Make sure your self rising flour is fresh.
Any kind of beer works. Sweeter the beer the sweeter the bread. I used a winter ale this Christmas but, the Kokanee I used yesterday was the best.
It is great with soups and stews.
Oh, who am I kidding? It's just good, dang good.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 things DMV related
(from my trip today which was two weeks overdue and a certain must as it was a brief period where I didn't have my baby girl with me)

1. How long can the line really be? Oh, that long.

2. Tricky little sons of guns. They have a take a number thingy, you take a number and then they call you right away leaving you to believe all the other poor souls sitting around need something extra and your simple license renewal will only take a few minutes. What you find after your number is called is that they will only take your name and you will be called by name when it is actually your turn. Now, please join the other poor souls.

3. It might be a little entertaining to watch the people that come in after you that do not quite understand the process (#2). Ok, it is a lot entertaining.

4. The sixteen year olds look like twelve year olds. Can they even see over the steering wheel? Did I look this young to the real people when I was in there so many years ago? And little miss sweet sixteen, don't be mad at the dmv lady that you don't have the right birth certificate, it isn't her fault. It also isn't your mother's fault. Don't be such a brat.

5. I was proud of the man that gave up his seat for the mom that came in with two young boys one which was on her hip. I know that I shot the teenage boy a death look when an elderly couple walked in and not only did he not get up but he didn't even scoot over to make more room where he sat. Really? Do you have no manners? *

6. There were three people that opened the door, entered for enough time to see the room full of people and decide that they did not have the patience for this and then quickly exit. Good choice...good choice.

7. I'm just playing devils advocate here but, maybe people wouldn't be so grouchy and complain about you and your service if you all moved just a little bit quicker. I don't want you to break a sweat but I think maybe you all don't need to move like you have two broken legs. Just sayin'.**

8. When the lady asks you "Are your height and weight still the same?" and you (risking hell for lying) answer yes, she makes no audible or visible signs that she knows you are full of it. Thank you, ma'am.

9. The teenage girl in front of me barely passed the eye test, she apparently had one good eye. The mom couldn't believe it so she wanted to take the eye test herself. Go ahead lady, it's not like the rest of the room has been waiting forty five minutes. Please, see if your whole family needs glasses using the dmv as your own personal optometrist. Please.

10. The elderly woman after me barely passed her eye test as well. At least she admitted she had trouble with her left eye. The real kicker was when she was asked if she was a US citizen. Her rude answer "Of course, I am." I smiled and was quite impressed with the dmv lady who politely replied " Well, we have to ask. Some people aren't." But, Granny (who was hard of hearing but apparently right on with come backs) replied..."Well, you have my old drivers license in front of you so you already know that I am." Point for Granny.

* I stood the whole time I was in there or I would have given my own seat to the little white haired angel and her old, grouchy husband.

**I was uber polite and was sure to say please and thank you to every one I encountered. Maybe it will wear off.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me Monday

I did not eat hot wings and popcorn for dinner last night. That would be totally lacking in nutrition. I did not also wish there were some poppers to go along with my so called meal to make it perfect.

I did not have a Wii tennis tourney with the sweet husband at eleven pm on Saturday when we should have been in bed so we could get up for church the next morning. I lost. It was totally his fault that I did even though I did catch him making some really bad swings on purpose. I do not have any plans to practice while he is at work and challenge him again.

After announcing that I was going to win the board game the fam was playing before we even began I did not proceed to do just that. I got the first five points and since I am very humble I did not smile and dance in my chair each time. Woo Hoo.

I do not have the craziest week ahead of me. I have a birthday party to get together with invitations that were supposed to be hand delivered this weekend. Oopsy. I have a list of things to do a mile long. And I have to get some parties in there as well. Wish me luck friends I'm going to need it.

Friday, January 1, 2010


new year
a new
a bright
less hurt
and lots
and lots
and lots
new year