Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not Me Monday

Head on over to the mother of Not Me Mondays to see what else has not been happening.

I was not sick three times in the last week and a half. I did not get asked if I was pregnant at least a dozen times. It did not hurt me to my core every time I answered no. It may have been the flu or it may be an old ulcer acting up. Not sure and since I believe doctors are deliverers of bad news I do not intend on going to one. No matter what you say.

I did not finish reading two books in the month of January (which was one of my 2010 things to do Yeah me!) and not love either of them. One was Alice Hoffman's The Probable Future and the other was The Testing of Luther Albright by Mackenzie Bezos. Once I start a book I must finish it. It is an annoying fault of mine and often drives me crazy. Hopefully February will bring a book I adore.

I did not find my daughter in my bathroom using a tampon as her own personal chew toy. That would be disgusting. Ok, it was a little funny. The sweet husband didn't think it was funny at all. She was not just now chewing on a dishwasher square soap. Ugh. Looks like we will be headed to Target today to get some cabinet locks. ( I swear I'm a better mother than that makes me seem)

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