Thursday, January 7, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 things DMV related
(from my trip today which was two weeks overdue and a certain must as it was a brief period where I didn't have my baby girl with me)

1. How long can the line really be? Oh, that long.

2. Tricky little sons of guns. They have a take a number thingy, you take a number and then they call you right away leaving you to believe all the other poor souls sitting around need something extra and your simple license renewal will only take a few minutes. What you find after your number is called is that they will only take your name and you will be called by name when it is actually your turn. Now, please join the other poor souls.

3. It might be a little entertaining to watch the people that come in after you that do not quite understand the process (#2). Ok, it is a lot entertaining.

4. The sixteen year olds look like twelve year olds. Can they even see over the steering wheel? Did I look this young to the real people when I was in there so many years ago? And little miss sweet sixteen, don't be mad at the dmv lady that you don't have the right birth certificate, it isn't her fault. It also isn't your mother's fault. Don't be such a brat.

5. I was proud of the man that gave up his seat for the mom that came in with two young boys one which was on her hip. I know that I shot the teenage boy a death look when an elderly couple walked in and not only did he not get up but he didn't even scoot over to make more room where he sat. Really? Do you have no manners? *

6. There were three people that opened the door, entered for enough time to see the room full of people and decide that they did not have the patience for this and then quickly exit. Good choice...good choice.

7. I'm just playing devils advocate here but, maybe people wouldn't be so grouchy and complain about you and your service if you all moved just a little bit quicker. I don't want you to break a sweat but I think maybe you all don't need to move like you have two broken legs. Just sayin'.**

8. When the lady asks you "Are your height and weight still the same?" and you (risking hell for lying) answer yes, she makes no audible or visible signs that she knows you are full of it. Thank you, ma'am.

9. The teenage girl in front of me barely passed the eye test, she apparently had one good eye. The mom couldn't believe it so she wanted to take the eye test herself. Go ahead lady, it's not like the rest of the room has been waiting forty five minutes. Please, see if your whole family needs glasses using the dmv as your own personal optometrist. Please.

10. The elderly woman after me barely passed her eye test as well. At least she admitted she had trouble with her left eye. The real kicker was when she was asked if she was a US citizen. Her rude answer "Of course, I am." I smiled and was quite impressed with the dmv lady who politely replied " Well, we have to ask. Some people aren't." But, Granny (who was hard of hearing but apparently right on with come backs) replied..."Well, you have my old drivers license in front of you so you already know that I am." Point for Granny.

* I stood the whole time I was in there or I would have given my own seat to the little white haired angel and her old, grouchy husband.

**I was uber polite and was sure to say please and thank you to every one I encountered. Maybe it will wear off.


  1. oh the DMV, quite an experience every single time. makes the 8 year option a pretty easy choice right?
    #9 is my fave, laughed out loud :)

  2. Oh My Goodness...EVERY time I go to the DMV, it doesn't matter if it is for vehicle renewal or license renewal it takes has been that way for years...I hate the DMV...but reading your post, you actually made it sound entertaining (which I know it couldn't have been) I definately laughed out loud at #9!!

  3. Priceless...AND the use of "uber" ties in perfect with #10 and the citizen comment. One of your best blogs - Had me laughing here. Thanks!

  4. I just went yesterday (wed) to renew my license, yes I know I am 2 months late but I had a baby, moved, had a birthday, all in 2 days, then there were more birthdays, the holidays....etc......I have good excuses. Anyway, they have a tricky # system here in seattle where every one gets a # it doesn't go in order (I had 351 & the person behind me had 756) it doesn't makes sense so I think its meant to confuse you so you don't realize that you have waited for 2 hours for 45 seconds at a counter. But what I don't understand is why do you have 10 counters & 10 employees but only 3 people working, why do you want all these people you get some sick pleasure out of it?!! Wouldn't you want to get all these people out of there as quick as possible so you don't have to look at them? Excrutiating torture!!!! It put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. I really wanted to shoot myself, and clearly I am not over it :) ...........thanks for letting me vent!!

  5. Whoa I didn't realize that was so long until it posted.....sorry.

  6. My Aunt works there and I enjoy getting to hear the stories of the behind the scenes stuff. EXACTLY like eye exam for the whole damn fam. :) I honestly think that kids are getting younger these days. I remember when I first started dispatching and I would run a kid with the birthdate of 1986 they would have just been barely getting their drivers licenses. Now when the 1986ers are being arrest for DUI I still think in my head WOW! driving AND drinking...their fresh new license must have to be taken away! it's been 8 years Brianne. They are old enough to do both; just not at the same time...