Thursday, January 28, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 Things I'm doing to my bedroom to make it the lovely space it desires to be

1. Hang the new sheer, white french knot curtains I found at Ikkkkea

2. Dyed sheets. Found some pink Ralph Lauren sheets, still in the package, I bought when I was single and thought I would finally get to have a pink bedroom. A little Rit will do the trick.

3. Move furniture around a few times until I likey the feng shui

4. Take out at least two pieces of said furniture and find new homes for them

5. Make a big, soft, white headboard. Been reading blogs on how to do it and it looks pretty simple and the result is fabulous

6. Touch up paint

7. Paint trim white and add white chair rail and perhaps a white ceiling rail

8. Get brother in law to make granite tops for night stands

9. Hang sweet goodness all over (white frames, white mirror, white paintings)

10. Paint black large frame a lovely shade of white and turn it into a shabby chic mirror or bulletin board (yet to be decided)

Yep, February is the month that I am finally tackling my bedroom. Have the blessing from the sweet husband to make it beautiful and am going to do just that. I have plans to post on the transformation with photos. Yeah!!!

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