Thursday, January 14, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 Things in my immediate future

1. 60 minute airplane ride with girly magazines
2. Cherry cider wine and/or apple cider wine
3. Many, much needed, long talks with my twin to fix me and the world at large
4. Late night trip to Ikkkkea with money to burn
5. A night of precious sleep with no baby feet in my ribs
6. A hot drink and a lovely morning at Powell's book store
7. Delicious lunch (Cheesecake Factory perhaps)
8. Sweet goodness pedicure
9. $8 ballroom dancing lesson
10. Glee marathon

What are you doing with this long weekend?


  1. ahhh crap. is that this weekend? happy for u, sad for me.

    i am getting my hair done by jill and possible taking a road trip to the tacoma area to pick up a mastiff--dont worry, not for me :)