Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me Monday

I did not have a delicious lunch at our fave place with our fave people. Well, some of our fave people. The sweet husband's brother is in town with his girlfriend that we just met today. She is lovely. Lunch was lovely. All was lovely.

We did not realize that both of us couples watch the same bad reality tv and we did not happen to have the one from last night on our dvr and we got to watch it together after lunch. We laughed and poked fun at the people. Good times.

The sweet husband is seriously too good to me. He took the morning off to hang out with me and the baby girl (and of course his brother). He did not help me clean the house and we didn't spend the morning laughing and kissing. I wish every Monday could be like this.

I did not have to sneak a moment away to do this since my house if full of family and I'm missing out so it's short and sweet today.

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  1. Ada... charmed life and I happy for you!!!
    You are a doll.