Monday, January 18, 2010

Not Me Monday

I did not develop my very first teacher crush this weekend. My girlfriend and I watched the first season of glee and I might be in love. I mean come on, he sings and dances and that is like my drug.

I did not go a little crazy while shopping in Ikea. I only get to go when we are in Portland or Seattle so I feel like I need to get all that I can while I'm there. I love it is my own little heaven. I think I actually said that while walking through with a smile on my face and a shopping cart full of white.

I did not feel the least bit out of place when we went to lunch in the hippie part of Portland yesterday and I had my paid for french manicured nails, my bright pink purse and my silver hoop earrings. It didn't make it worse when the man cleaned our table and I thanked him a little too nicely. One of my girlfriends said "Don't be so nice, they aren't used to it and they don't like it." What? Where am I? If the dang flautas weren't so good I would've left immediately.


  1. Just think. Some hippie from Portland is probably blogging about the chick with manicured nails and the pink purse today.

    And I so want to watch the first season of Glee. I love the few episodes I've watched.

  2. what stuff did u buy??

    i'm glad to learn that the hippies don't like being treated nicely. maybe now i wont have to fake it, hehehe.