Saturday, January 9, 2010

Really? Really?

None of you that read this regularly have the love to tell me I am a grammatical idiot. Really?

I put a comma after every "but" in every post for the last nine months and now I find it goes before the word "but". AAAGGGGGHHHHHH.

Now I look like a fool. Geesh. I don't like looking foolish. I may have to take a sabbatical. My fight or flight is to flee so don't be surprised if the next you see of me is in March.

Maybe by then you will all have forgotten about my comma disaster. And even if you haven't maybe I will have, but let's be honest...probably not.


  1. i do the comma after the but too.
    dont care. seems like a more appropriate place for the pause :)

  2. You know I edit everything I read. And I honestly never noticed. Really.


    For rules of comma usage in general. This is a difficult area for some interested in proper usage of the language and more writers get it wrong than not, but who am I to say? ; )

  4. I insert commas where ever I want. When in doubt I do multiple .......s
    I also have an issue with when and where to put the ' before and after an "s"...?
    We do not judge Ada! love you!
    Hope you are feeling better.

  5. I have the but/comma thing down, but (had to...) I am always stumped on the listing of multiple items with commas. When you get to the last one do you say ".... blank, and blank. or is it "...blank, blank and blank"?
    comma after the last listed item and before the 'and' OR is it no comma, the word 'and', then the last item?
    Did that even make sense??