Thursday, May 28, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 Things On My Nightstand (which is really a small bookshelf)

1. Glass of water

2. Pair of diamond earrings I took out last night before I fell asleep.

3. Reading glasses.

4. Picture of me and my girls walking down the street Sex and the City style from Raine's birthday.

5. Four journals...I love myself a journal.

6. Hand Cream

7. Picture of me and Adam at a Mariners game.

8. My dad's old pocket Bible with an arrowhead that he and Aidan found.

9. Eight books including Captivating, What to Expect First Year, Still Life With Woodpecker, The Shadow of the Wind

10. Ultrasound picture of Aidan's foot and another one of him laughing out loud.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Living on a Prayer

So, here are some questions I've been pondering. Care to ponder along?

Do you pray at night?
I had a discussion with a friend of mine once about this. I used to pray while I was laying in bed before I went to sleep, but I kept falling asleep during the prayer. So I felt guilty, like God was thinking...Seriously, you can't even stay awake long enough to talk to me? I don't even mean enough to you that you can say Amen before you snore. But my friend thought that it was ok. Like you were so comfortable talking to him that it was one of the best ways to fall asleep. I'm still up in the air.

Do you think that when you pray for the same thing over and over it means you don't have enough faith?
My dad was just on a motorcycle trip for five days. He went through seven states, by day two they had rode 1000 miles. So, every night when I said prayers with my kids we prayed for him to make it home safe. I have half a dozen girlfriends that are pregnant and one who really really wants to be. So we also pray for them every night. Here is my you think once is enough? Do you think God gets frustrated that I pray for my dad's safe return every day until he is home? Do you think one time is enough and after that it is overkill? I just don't know how He feels about it.

Do you think the devil loves to get in your mind when you are at church?
I mean I know he loves it all the time...stinking devil. But, sometimes when I'm sitting in church I will have some thought and then I'm shocked at having it. But, I'm even in more shock that it is at church. I think he loves get us especially when we are in God's house. Stinking devil.

Do you wish God had a blog?
I was just thinking the other day about people I know that I wish had a blog. And then I thought I wish God did. I know, I know, he gave us the greatest story ever told. But, sometimes I just wish I knew His plan or what He was thinking on something. I wonder what his 10 Things Thursday would be. 10 of His favorite things to do in heaven. or 10 people who were NOT making it in the pearly gates. I wonder if He would be sad at where we are or if it is going to get better. I wonder if He would tell great stories about Moses and Noah. Just sayin' it would be a good one.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Things I didn't do but did.

I did not judge the woman in the yellow string bikini who was old enough to be my mother and big enough to have just had a baby for wearing said string bikini. Not me...I'm not a judgey judgerton.

I did not fight with my husband over the silliest thing. I certainly did not do it twice in one day. And I most certainly did not try to make it all better with a ten second frencher (his words not mine).

I did not miss my best friend so much that right in the middle of a beautiful otherwise happy day start to cry because it is so hard to be here and without her.

I did not convince my husband that for our anniversary we should get tattoos (not matching ones)and go para sailing. Yahoo!!

I did not do the happy dance around my bedroom when I put on my white pants that would not so much fit on Easter and they fit perfectly. Bye bye baby weight.

I did not go green with envy while on the lake seeing all the houses. I then did not give my four month old daughter the "jealousy is not becoming" speech. I also did not throw in the "money does not buy happiness" speech just for good measure.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Out Damn Spot

Text messages:

Sweet husband: Call the doctor
Me: I did and he said not to worry. I'm good and will live to be 125, too bad for you.
SH: Did you really?
Me: For shizzle
SH: Are you drunk:
Me: I wish

It is 10am so I am not drunk. Don't worry, dad. And I don't really wish I was...I just said that because I am FUNNY!

Here is the pretext to the above conversation. Yesterday I was getting ready for dinner. We were going out with the family to meet the new girl in my brother in laws life. Which I adore. She was good with my baby and she is cute and friendly and personable and I think she may be a keeper. We get to spend the whole weekend with her so I will let you know. But I digress. I was getting ready for dinner which included makeup for the first time in a while. Tan means less makeup. Yeah!!!! I was putting on my mascara when I noticed it. My nose. Damn! Really? The sunburn on my nose is peeling. This is not a big deal for other people. But, for me it is. In my twenties I had a precancerous spot on my nose frozen off. It is that spot. That same sick spot. That same damn spot. That spot that is peeling and pink whilst the rest of my face is brown.

So...I finished my mascara and put on my jewelry and decided to tell Adam later that night in bed, in the dark so I couldn't see the face he made. I didn't need to see it. I know the face he will make. I know it well. It is the face I love. The face that loves me more than I have ever been loved. The face that will be concerned and worried and stern all at the same time. I know it well.

But, here is the thing about being married to your best friend...sometimes you can't wait. Sometimes when you see his face and he smiles and you have something to say you just say it. You just blurt it out. And then you see the face and you remember why you were going to do it in the dark. Hmmm. And then you cry. Tears, not a lot, just a few that you try to smile through. And the family is on their way, so to stop the conversation, you tell him yes, you will go to the dr. But, no, not tomorrow. You are super busy. You have a list (of course) of things to do. Things you must do. And then you ask him to please move the furniture because you think it will look better if you switch the chairs. And it does.

I completely admit that this is probably a reaction multiplied by the finale of Grey's Anatomy where sweet Izzy dies from a brain tumor that started as skin cancer. But, I'm scared. I'm scared of what the dr may say. I'm scared it will be bad news. I'm scared of hospitals and needles. I'm scared of being sick and losing my hair which may seem silly and vain but I have good hair. I'm scared of dying. I know my earlier post said otherwise but I'm doing a take back. I have these sweet children that I need to raise and this man that I am so in love with I can't imagine life without. I don't want to go to the dr because he may change my life forever. And today is not the day. So, it can wait. If it is good news then I'm fine and it can wait. And if it is bad news it can most certainly wait. I will put it on my list of things to do. I have some time next week I think.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 Things Thursday

Here a few of the many things I heard and thought at the jog-a-thon for my son's school today.

1. "You have big kahunas." This was from a teacher to me about wearing pants with something printed on my ass. My hot ass, I might add.

2. "That girl keeps catching up to me." A K4 little boy who was doing his best to keep away from the sweet little girl. That sweet little girl who was making eyes at him.

3. "I hope he isn't torturing her." My little boy took his sister for a lap in her stroller and when the girls in his class found out he had her, this is what one said to the other.

4. I think the mom that was running with her kids was wonderful. Every lap they did, she did with them. I should be that mom.

5. There was a mom who gave licorice with every lap you ran. My six year old did 18 laps...that, my friends, is a LOT of licorice. Luckily, my boy doesn't like licorice, however my nephew was doing laps with him so he got double licorice. Sorry sis.

6. "Do you know who I am out there, mom? Flash!" Ok, I didn't hear this but his mom told me the story and it was sweet. He was running so fast he became a superhero.

7. Why do we do this event here on the dirt track instead of on a track that would not turn our babies black?

8. Why oh why did that mom let her little girl come in her Easter dress and church shoes to run laps?

9. "I think that was my twelfth lap." My little boy told his teacher that right after he did his sixth lap. Hee hee. He was counting by sixes apparently.

10. "Did I win?" A little girl would ask this every time she ran a lap. She was in some sort of race. I'm not sure with who or what the prize was. I should have stayed around to find out. She may have been very disappointed to see they were just running to run.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Now or Later

Apparently, I am a procrastinator. I didn't know I was. But, I am. Like right now, right now I should be doing one of the many things on my list of things to do today. You know, clean the house, laundry, call for dr appts, mail invites for jewelry party, revise budget, go to grocery store, etc. But, instead I have read all the blogs I follow, checked my facebook, checked my email, watched The Hills (guilty pleasure)and am now writing. None of which is on the list. I might just put it on the list so I can cross it off. Hee hee.
I really don't have time to procrastinate. Tomorrow I have a jog-a-thon for my son's school. Friday I have a standing coffee date with my sweet friend Kelly and then my brother in laws new girlfriend (can I call her that yet) is coming in to town and we get to meet her. I have to get this stuff done today.
And I will...but, first I think I have a new magazine to read.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Things I didn't do but did.

I did not wait all week to watch the two hour Grey's Anatomy finale and then not watch it because my besty could not watch it with me and that is what we do. She unfortunately is in Portland these days and we text while we watch. Yes that does make the dvr episodes a slight issue but I was not about to watch it without her.

I did not make my husband throw back the only fish he caught in the fishing derby because I was sitting on the live well with my six year old asleep in my lap and was not going to move and wake him.

I did not have on jeans and a dress when we were at the lake this weekend and when I got too hot I did not take off my jeans and give my dad a minor heart attack.

I did not spend the last two days trying to convince Adam that we should take a mini vaca to Portland to see Dane Cook.

I did not spend hours shopping on for hair pretties for my daughter and my niece. I also did not buy one for a sweet girl I know because it was named after her. And I won't tell you who it was for because her mama reads this blog and it would not be a surprise when it gets to Seattle. Hee hee.

8 Minute Mile

I'm awake. I do not want to be. But, alas I am. It was 11:21pm when I turned off the greys anatomy repeat and closed my eyes in search of a little beauty sleep. It was then at 11:32 that my sweet, beautiful, precious mini me, four month old decided to fuss. And then it was 11:40. And then 11:48. Seriously. She was averaging every 8 minutes. Do you know what you can do in 8 minutes? You can run a mile. Well, I can't yet, but some people can. You can sing 3 radio songs or one church one. You can catch up on your Facebook. You can shop on for sweet baby things. Or you can just about fall asleep. Yep, she did the 8 minute snooze alarm until 1:00am when she gave me a break. A twenty three minute break. Since then she has been in my lap. Yes, I tried to lay her down numerous times and yes she fusses again. This last time I picked her up she actually smiled at me and put her hand on my chin. Do you know what I love more than my babies hand on my face? Nothing. Not even sleep. Yes, I also know that she wants to sleep in my bed like her hero daddy lets her. Yes, I know that she doesn't need to be held and spoiled rotten. None of that matters in the middle of the night when I don't want her to wake Aidan or Adam. None of that matters when I truly believe that this will be the time she will let me lay her down and I can get some sleep. Ahhh, sleep. It sounds so lovely. I am tempted to just put her in my bed and get some much needed rest. But I had to break that habit with Aidan and I remember how fun that was. So here I sit with her in my lap and my arms stretched out to type. sleepy...

Saturday, May 16, 2009


How is it even possible that I am 31 years old and have another wicked sunburn??? When will I learn? When?

Friday, May 15, 2009

To Do...

I am a list maker. I make lists for everything. Everything. So, today here is my list of things to do. Things in italics are things added by Aidan.

Pick up Aidan from his dad's house.
Make brownies for school auction.
Go for walk while brownies bake.
Shower and wash hair. (Yes, I have to put that on the list)
Make lunch for Adam.
Watch movie with Aidan.
Drop off brownies at school.
Get Aidan a strawberry banana smoothie on the way downtown.
Go pay Britt for double stroller her mom found me.
Get money from Lisa for fab jewels.
Walk from there to Figpickles to get Adam a birthday present.
Get Aidan a new toy while we are there.
Stop and get fishing license.
Pack for Aidan since he is spending the night with Pappy.
Make sure Paps has marshmallows to roast on fire.
Pack for Flanagan Family Fishing Derby 2009 which is tomorrow. (I just decided it should be an annual tradition and gave it a name)
Go to birthday party at park for my nephew.
Go to swim lessons.
Drop off Aid at parents.
Go to school auction.
Get Aidan a surprise.
Don't let Adam see how much money I spend. I mean...Don't spend too much money.
Have sweet dreams.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

10 Things Thursday

I stole this from my sister...she does it on her blog. Check it out at she is the real writer.

So here is my first 10 Things Thursday in honor of my sister and her sweet Thursday blogs.

10 Things I Bought at the Dollar Store Today

1. Children's apron for my son so we don't have to rig mine to fit him.

2. Fairy skirts for my daughter and niece to match the fairy wings I got them last time I was at the dollar store.

3. Father's Day cards and birthday cards.

4. Labels for my jewelry catalogs.

5. Headbands for the two little girls in my life. (shh...don't tell Jules, they're for her bday)

6. Freezer pops for Aidan. Hopefully Adam doesn't eat them all this time.

7. Two cake pans for brownies for the school auction tomorrow. Baked goods go for big money.

8. Baskets and dish towels to make sure brownies are cute. The PTO mom said the cuter the better.

9. Picnic salt n pepper set. It's that time of year. (oh man, it took all the power in me not to write salt n pepa)

10. Huge butterflies and dragon flies to put next to two sweet girls wearing headbands, fairy skirts and fairy wings. Dang, its fun having a girl!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Code 4

I watch Nancy Grace. I can't help it. She makes me uncomfortable with how snotty she can be and is so rude to the guests I can't imagine why any of them actually agree to go on her show. But I can't stop. She is a former prosecutor who has a news/justice/debate show that usually consists of the top stories and she follows them through the hearings. There is always some sort of breaking news and too many times it has been missing children. Missing children which most of the time doesn't turn out good. The show always reminds me that you never know what could happen and don't let your kids out of your sight for a minute.

So when I got a text from KT yesterday afternoon about a missing child in Athol...I started praying. He was two and a half. Missing for two hours. There were creeks on the property. I prayed again. He was the nephew of a friend of ours. She sent a message to see who could meet at her house to join the search. Jen and I met KT at her house at 5pm to head out to help. Adam stayed home with Abby so I could go. I just couldn't sit there. I kept thinking if it was one of my babies I would want the whole town to help. We prayed. We worried. We had chills and stomach aches. We got sweatshirts, gloves, flashlights and blankets. KT said she had to have a blanket for when she found him so she could swoop him up and keep him warm. We prayed again. KT got phone calls and texts from brothers, cousins and home group leaders to find out where to go. Where to help. Those that couldn't join us would be praying. It's been four hours now. It will be dark soon. We are on the drive to Athol which today seemed like the longest drive ever. Jen kept saying..."let's go find this kid."

We make it out to Garwood when KT gets the text that makes the car cheer..."We found him". Thank you God. He was found by a female searcher. We pulled into a gas station where there was a Sheriff truck and a Sheriff Posse truck. We waited to get confirmation that he was found and safe. "Code 4" was heard over the radio and KT smiled and the Sheriff smiled. I gather from their smiles that means he is found and he is ok. KT confirms that and we start on our way home.

He apparently was missing his pants but other than that he was ok. I'm sure he was tired and scared. I'm sure he was hungry and thirsty. I'm sure he wanted his mommy. I'm sure there was a lot of celebrating when they were reunited. I bet she cried and held that little boy until this morning. I bet she thanked God for bringing her baby home safe. I bet she was trying to get all the bad thoughts out of her head of what could have happened. Her baby was home and safe. God answers prayers.

When I got back I called Aidan just to hear his sweet voice and to make sure he was safe. And I held Abby tight and kissed her face off. And I prayed a dozen more times...this time a prayer of thanks. Thank you God. Thank you.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1. I love to cook but hate to clean...hence the "I cook, YOU clean rule" at my house.

2. I automatically pose when I see a camera pointed in my general direction...I can't help it.

3. One of my favorite things is to lay under a tree and look up through the leaves.

4. There is nothing I would rather do than take a nap...ok, maybe one other thing.

5. My son was my saving grace.

6. I have had a french manicure for the last 3+ years.

7. I truly believe my husband was sent by God.

8. I will not wear gold jewelry.

9. I think yoga is good for the body, mind and soul and you always come out feeling better.

10. You will always find sweet tea in my fridge.

11. I don't pray enough.

12. I rock karaoke.

13. My fave children books to read aloud are ones that rhyme.

14. After 10 pm I find things much funnier than they actually are.

15. I LOVE birthdays...especially mine.

16. I once had a cover band change the words of "brown eyed girl" to BLUE eyed girl and sing to me.

17. I want my own cooking show.

18. I think when given lemons you should make lemonade for Arnold Palmers.

19. I am a coal miners daughter.

20. I love documentaries to my husbands dismay.

21. Every time I buy produce & can't get the plastic bag open I assume I am on candid camera.

22. If I had a dollar for every time I was asked "Are you two twins?" I would be a millionaire. (I'm not a twin by the way)

23. I have the worlds worst gag reflex to which my girls take full advantage of.

24. I was stung by a jellyfish and it hurt like a son of a gun.

25. I think being the mom of a daughter is way scarier than being the mom of a son.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not get fully dressed, new jewelry and all, completely ready for the day and take Aidan to the dentist just to come back home put on my yoga pants, a wife beater and my robe and curl up on the couch with both bebes.

I did not forget to make/plan dinner all last week and then try to make up for it by making ribs and then fall asleep while they were cooking. I did not sleep right through the timer which did not leave Adam to do it all. I better do something good for tonight.

I did not take 100 pictures of me and my kiddos yesterday. I'm not going to post them all on my other blog.

I did not make gagging noises at the dad in the park who was wearing entirely too much cologne. I also did not roll my eyes at said dad who was trying to put a six year old in a baby swing next to my eleven month old niece.

I was not secretly ecstatic that I had to reschedule my dentist appointment this morning.

I did not have a cupcake for breakfast and I certainly did not have two.

I did not "shake it" yesterday in the city park.

I did not proclaim it mothers day weekend and get spoiled for three days straight.

I did not take my daughter out of church service when she was fussing and ask a complete stranger to hold her so I could go to the bathroom. (Ok, I really didn't but I seriously contemplated it)*

*Now that I think about it, maybe that would be better stories...what I almost did. Hee hee.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bringing Sleepy Back

Who in their right mind takes a nap at 5pm? It wasn't actually supposed to happen that way but somehow it did. I was just going to lay down for a minute with Abby. I had just put dinner in and set the time for 45 minutes so I knew it would be a little rest. Ha! Little rest my foot. I didn't even hear the timer and we both slept until almost 7pm. Yikes! Luckily, Adam took care of dinner even though I was actually making the ribs for him since I failed to make dinner most of the nights this past week due to the new work thing.

Now everyone knows...I LOVE myself a nap. Really. I do. I think they are wonderful. I have tee shirts proclaiming my love. I think it may have been my senior quote for my yearbook. Naps are one of my favorite things. But do you know what happens if you take a nap at 5pm? YOU CAN'T SLEEP. When it is actually time to go to bed to get your much needed beauty rest, there will be no sleep for you. None, none at all.

I watched some 48 Hours Mystery about a con lady who stole identities, you know like Frank Abignail. I watched the news which had a shooting in downtown CDA...frightening. And the weather forecast for Mothers Day...lovely. I started to watch some infomercial but realized I had already seen it. Which is just sad.

Then I remembered my boyfriend, JT, was going to be hosting Saturday Night Live. Yeah! So I flipped over there just in time to see him sing and dance and be completely entertained. I laughed out loud and woke up Adam numerous times. He just smiled at me and went back to sleep. There was a time when SNL was just NOT funny. But, my friends...I think it is back. It was good and funny. Plus, Justin is a wonderful host. He is a talented individual, a triple threat if you will. Not only is he the cutest but he can sing, dance and act. And for the record he has definitely brought sexy back. Boy band members be jealous...he did what you all wanted to do. And he did it well. He also got me to fall asleep. See...he is a genius.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Work It part deux

So I got to thinking. As much as I love this new adventure in my life it could NOT be done without all the help from my family and friends.

Adam has been amazing since the beginning with finishing house projects, having jewelry ALL over our house, and helping a ton with the kiddos. My mom was here watching Abby and while she was here the kitchen was magically swept and she made and hung the shower curtain before my guests arrived. My mother in law rescued me yesterday in a hurry when she came to sit with Abbby and my sister brought her bebes down this morning to play with Abby so I could do my party in Hauser Lake. My friends were out in full force to support me and a special few have been great with ideas, opinions and adorable catch phrases.

I would be nothing without you all...Thank you so very much.

Work It

I'm working again...although I don't know if you can call this work. I have done three jewelry party in as many days. I get to try on jewelry and visit with incredible ladies. I get to show what is "hot" right now and share a glass of wine. I get to see old friends and make new ones. I get to giggle and ooh and aah over how good that necklace looks. This is my kind of "work".

In addition to all that fun's my jewelry. I get to wear it all the time. I LOVE it. This is the best job I've ever had.

I'll keep you posted and if you need a gift for someone or for yourself let me know...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bye Bye Birdie

Clearly, we have crazy birds at our house. I mean, don't they sleep? They are supposed to sleep, right? In movies that is the sweet thing about waking up to birds in the morning...the sleeping beauty that stretches and pretend rubs her eyes because she can't really rub her eyes as all her eye makeup has been mysteriously applied while she slept. And she smiles and looks so rested. I look nothing like that right now. There was no stretching, there is no eye makeup. There is only restlessness.

And don't they wake up at daylight, like roosters? Please let me assure you that it is completely dark at 3:53 am. Even now at 5am it is dark. Maybe they are having a party. A bird party. And I love myself a good party but come on. Can't they have their party over a few houses, the lady down the street has wonderful trees. Oh and they aren't outside my window...they are outside Abby's window. I heard it over the baby monitor loud enough to WAKE me up and then KEEP me up.

So, now I have been up for over an hour which means I will wake up sleepy and not go to the gym. Which means I will drink coke because I already started the day bad anyway. Which means at Cinco de Mayo at my moms I will have too many chips and salsa. Which means I may as well have dessert too. The birds are the reason for my failing attempt at losing the baby weight. Dang birds.

Wait...wait for it. They stopped. All I hear is rain. Either the rain is drowning out the premature wake up call or it just drowned the birds. Too bad for them, they should have been asleep. Don't they know nothing good happens after midnight?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I started reading MckMama when my sister asked for a prayer request for her and her sweet baby Stellan. She is an amazing woman with amazing faith. She does this on Mondays to tell about the things she did during the last week that may be a little unlike her or embarrassing by saying she really didn't do it. I was looking today and she had a contest and her normal Not Me Monday posts. I thought it was a cute idea and I might just win a prize, so I'm giving it a try.

Here goes...

I did not take a three hour nap with Abby this morning. I also did not jump up and fix my hair right before my mom dropped off Aidan so she wouldn't know.

I did not tell my husband I was full at lunch and he should eat the rest of my burrito because I was guilty that I didn't make him one of his own.

I did not send a sassy text to my ex this morning about getting Aidan to school on time.

I did not put onions in the spaghetti sauce before I remembered my best friend hates onions.

I definitely did not have one too many key lime pie martinis at a gorgeous resort in Priest Lake.

I did not cut my son's hair short short short so his dad won't give him a mohawk.

I can't decide if this will be fun or a little bit frightening. We'll see.
You can share yours in the comments.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Girls weekend...

Road trips, even if they are mini, are the most fun with girls.
Kelly really knows how to make a sing-a-long play list.
Priest Lake is beautiful.
We do NOT like bees to put it mildly.
Michelle makes oh so delicious crepes.
Sweet tea vodka makes the perfect cocktail.
Having four girls in one cabin means there will always be toothpaste, q-tips and conditioner.
Wicked sunburns can happen on the 2nd day of May.
You can find a monkey in the grain of the wood on the ceiling.
Grilled sandwiches are the best sandwiches.
4th grade research papers when read aloud in a Marge Simpson like voice can give four girls the take your breath away laughs.
Huckleberry mojitos are delicious.
Arabella will NOT be the name of my next daughter.
Spaghetti takes the buzz right out of a party.
Lorraine lives entirely too far away.
If given a multiple choice question, one should always choose D.
Bartenders at the bar/Post office in Noordman are super sweet. Yes, the bar and post office are one building.
Hills Resort has a live band and some very nice locals. And one not so nice and one lady who very well may be an escort.
Key lime martinis are the life and death of a party.
No one takes better care of you than your best friend.
The sing a long is a lot quieter on the way home.
I have the best girlfriends EVER.
I missed them all on Monday morning.

Until next year...