Monday, May 18, 2009

8 Minute Mile

I'm awake. I do not want to be. But, alas I am. It was 11:21pm when I turned off the greys anatomy repeat and closed my eyes in search of a little beauty sleep. It was then at 11:32 that my sweet, beautiful, precious mini me, four month old decided to fuss. And then it was 11:40. And then 11:48. Seriously. She was averaging every 8 minutes. Do you know what you can do in 8 minutes? You can run a mile. Well, I can't yet, but some people can. You can sing 3 radio songs or one church one. You can catch up on your Facebook. You can shop on for sweet baby things. Or you can just about fall asleep. Yep, she did the 8 minute snooze alarm until 1:00am when she gave me a break. A twenty three minute break. Since then she has been in my lap. Yes, I tried to lay her down numerous times and yes she fusses again. This last time I picked her up she actually smiled at me and put her hand on my chin. Do you know what I love more than my babies hand on my face? Nothing. Not even sleep. Yes, I also know that she wants to sleep in my bed like her hero daddy lets her. Yes, I know that she doesn't need to be held and spoiled rotten. None of that matters in the middle of the night when I don't want her to wake Aidan or Adam. None of that matters when I truly believe that this will be the time she will let me lay her down and I can get some sleep. Ahhh, sleep. It sounds so lovely. I am tempted to just put her in my bed and get some much needed rest. But I had to break that habit with Aidan and I remember how fun that was. So here I sit with her in my lap and my arms stretched out to type. sleepy...


  1. ohh its all about survival in these first few months. Plus they say they don't create the bad habits till they are much closer to a year old, so I say get some sleep!! Even if its in your bed =).

  2. really? Dang I wish I would have known that last night. :)