Thursday, May 21, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 Things Thursday

Here a few of the many things I heard and thought at the jog-a-thon for my son's school today.

1. "You have big kahunas." This was from a teacher to me about wearing pants with something printed on my ass. My hot ass, I might add.

2. "That girl keeps catching up to me." A K4 little boy who was doing his best to keep away from the sweet little girl. That sweet little girl who was making eyes at him.

3. "I hope he isn't torturing her." My little boy took his sister for a lap in her stroller and when the girls in his class found out he had her, this is what one said to the other.

4. I think the mom that was running with her kids was wonderful. Every lap they did, she did with them. I should be that mom.

5. There was a mom who gave licorice with every lap you ran. My six year old did 18 laps...that, my friends, is a LOT of licorice. Luckily, my boy doesn't like licorice, however my nephew was doing laps with him so he got double licorice. Sorry sis.

6. "Do you know who I am out there, mom? Flash!" Ok, I didn't hear this but his mom told me the story and it was sweet. He was running so fast he became a superhero.

7. Why do we do this event here on the dirt track instead of on a track that would not turn our babies black?

8. Why oh why did that mom let her little girl come in her Easter dress and church shoes to run laps?

9. "I think that was my twelfth lap." My little boy told his teacher that right after he did his sixth lap. Hee hee. He was counting by sixes apparently.

10. "Did I win?" A little girl would ask this every time she ran a lap. She was in some sort of race. I'm not sure with who or what the prize was. I should have stayed around to find out. She may have been very disappointed to see they were just running to run.


  1. Apparently Aid's skip counting skills that he learned in kindergarten is coming in handy.

  2. Your butt was warm? Oh, I get it- sorry!
    Funny and smart (can tell from your blog) Pretty from what I can tell by your profile pic AND a "hot ass"?
    Lucky hubby.
    Also, like this 10 things thursday may rip the concept off and do something similar.

  3. Jen...Katrina will be proud.

    Chupa...I stole it from my sister so go right ahead. I would love to read it. And I think he is rather lucky. hee hee :)