Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not get fully dressed, new jewelry and all, completely ready for the day and take Aidan to the dentist just to come back home put on my yoga pants, a wife beater and my robe and curl up on the couch with both bebes.

I did not forget to make/plan dinner all last week and then try to make up for it by making ribs and then fall asleep while they were cooking. I did not sleep right through the timer which did not leave Adam to do it all. I better do something good for tonight.

I did not take 100 pictures of me and my kiddos yesterday. I'm not going to post them all on my other blog.

I did not make gagging noises at the dad in the park who was wearing entirely too much cologne. I also did not roll my eyes at said dad who was trying to put a six year old in a baby swing next to my eleven month old niece.

I was not secretly ecstatic that I had to reschedule my dentist appointment this morning.

I did not have a cupcake for breakfast and I certainly did not have two.

I did not "shake it" yesterday in the city park.

I did not proclaim it mothers day weekend and get spoiled for three days straight.

I did not take my daughter out of church service when she was fussing and ask a complete stranger to hold her so I could go to the bathroom. (Ok, I really didn't but I seriously contemplated it)*

*Now that I think about it, maybe that would be better stories...what I almost did. Hee hee.

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