Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Code 4

I watch Nancy Grace. I can't help it. She makes me uncomfortable with how snotty she can be and is so rude to the guests I can't imagine why any of them actually agree to go on her show. But I can't stop. She is a former prosecutor who has a news/justice/debate show that usually consists of the top stories and she follows them through the hearings. There is always some sort of breaking news and too many times it has been missing children. Missing children which most of the time doesn't turn out good. The show always reminds me that you never know what could happen and don't let your kids out of your sight for a minute.

So when I got a text from KT yesterday afternoon about a missing child in Athol...I started praying. He was two and a half. Missing for two hours. There were creeks on the property. I prayed again. He was the nephew of a friend of ours. She sent a message to see who could meet at her house to join the search. Jen and I met KT at her house at 5pm to head out to help. Adam stayed home with Abby so I could go. I just couldn't sit there. I kept thinking if it was one of my babies I would want the whole town to help. We prayed. We worried. We had chills and stomach aches. We got sweatshirts, gloves, flashlights and blankets. KT said she had to have a blanket for when she found him so she could swoop him up and keep him warm. We prayed again. KT got phone calls and texts from brothers, cousins and home group leaders to find out where to go. Where to help. Those that couldn't join us would be praying. It's been four hours now. It will be dark soon. We are on the drive to Athol which today seemed like the longest drive ever. Jen kept saying..."let's go find this kid."

We make it out to Garwood when KT gets the text that makes the car cheer..."We found him". Thank you God. He was found by a female searcher. We pulled into a gas station where there was a Sheriff truck and a Sheriff Posse truck. We waited to get confirmation that he was found and safe. "Code 4" was heard over the radio and KT smiled and the Sheriff smiled. I gather from their smiles that means he is found and he is ok. KT confirms that and we start on our way home.

He apparently was missing his pants but other than that he was ok. I'm sure he was tired and scared. I'm sure he was hungry and thirsty. I'm sure he wanted his mommy. I'm sure there was a lot of celebrating when they were reunited. I bet she cried and held that little boy until this morning. I bet she thanked God for bringing her baby home safe. I bet she was trying to get all the bad thoughts out of her head of what could have happened. Her baby was home and safe. God answers prayers.

When I got back I called Aidan just to hear his sweet voice and to make sure he was safe. And I held Abby tight and kissed her face off. And I prayed a dozen more times...this time a prayer of thanks. Thank you God. Thank you.


  1. Oh, man. That is my worst, worst nightmare. Every time I see an Amber alert, I say a prayer and hold my own babies a little closer. I'm so thankful that this story had a happy ending. I was tearing up just reading it!