Monday, May 4, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Girls weekend...

Road trips, even if they are mini, are the most fun with girls.
Kelly really knows how to make a sing-a-long play list.
Priest Lake is beautiful.
We do NOT like bees to put it mildly.
Michelle makes oh so delicious crepes.
Sweet tea vodka makes the perfect cocktail.
Having four girls in one cabin means there will always be toothpaste, q-tips and conditioner.
Wicked sunburns can happen on the 2nd day of May.
You can find a monkey in the grain of the wood on the ceiling.
Grilled sandwiches are the best sandwiches.
4th grade research papers when read aloud in a Marge Simpson like voice can give four girls the take your breath away laughs.
Huckleberry mojitos are delicious.
Arabella will NOT be the name of my next daughter.
Spaghetti takes the buzz right out of a party.
Lorraine lives entirely too far away.
If given a multiple choice question, one should always choose D.
Bartenders at the bar/Post office in Noordman are super sweet. Yes, the bar and post office are one building.
Hills Resort has a live band and some very nice locals. And one not so nice and one lady who very well may be an escort.
Key lime martinis are the life and death of a party.
No one takes better care of you than your best friend.
The sing a long is a lot quieter on the way home.
I have the best girlfriends EVER.
I missed them all on Monday morning.

Until next year...


  1. Somehow I missed this post.

    Girl trips are the best aren't they. Glad you had fun.

  2. Let me explain... I started this one right when I got back but I rewrote it a few dozen times. And then when I posted it it predated itself. I don't like that. Apparently I can't think about it...just write and publish. :) but yes they are the most fun.

  3. You can go in and change the date. I think you choose options on the compose page.

  4. My verification word was "recutie." Is that like, you are a cutie and Aidan and Abby are recuties?

  5. cant wait to do that again. what a wonderful weekend. aside from the burning flesh and pounding head.

  6. Love it...recutie. yes that would be the kiddos.

    and me neither KT.