Thursday, May 28, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 Things On My Nightstand (which is really a small bookshelf)

1. Glass of water

2. Pair of diamond earrings I took out last night before I fell asleep.

3. Reading glasses.

4. Picture of me and my girls walking down the street Sex and the City style from Raine's birthday.

5. Four journals...I love myself a journal.

6. Hand Cream

7. Picture of me and Adam at a Mariners game.

8. My dad's old pocket Bible with an arrowhead that he and Aidan found.

9. Eight books including Captivating, What to Expect First Year, Still Life With Woodpecker, The Shadow of the Wind

10. Ultrasound picture of Aidan's foot and another one of him laughing out loud.

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