Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bye Bye Birdie

Clearly, we have crazy birds at our house. I mean, don't they sleep? They are supposed to sleep, right? In movies that is the sweet thing about waking up to birds in the morning...the sleeping beauty that stretches and pretend rubs her eyes because she can't really rub her eyes as all her eye makeup has been mysteriously applied while she slept. And she smiles and looks so rested. I look nothing like that right now. There was no stretching, there is no eye makeup. There is only restlessness.

And don't they wake up at daylight, like roosters? Please let me assure you that it is completely dark at 3:53 am. Even now at 5am it is dark. Maybe they are having a party. A bird party. And I love myself a good party but come on. Can't they have their party over a few houses, the lady down the street has wonderful trees. Oh and they aren't outside my window...they are outside Abby's window. I heard it over the baby monitor loud enough to WAKE me up and then KEEP me up.

So, now I have been up for over an hour which means I will wake up sleepy and not go to the gym. Which means I will drink coke because I already started the day bad anyway. Which means at Cinco de Mayo at my moms I will have too many chips and salsa. Which means I may as well have dessert too. The birds are the reason for my failing attempt at losing the baby weight. Dang birds.

Wait...wait for it. They stopped. All I hear is rain. Either the rain is drowning out the premature wake up call or it just drowned the birds. Too bad for them, they should have been asleep. Don't they know nothing good happens after midnight?


  1. I knew it. I knew that you were going to be a great blogger. I love to read what you write because it's so you. You write in a way that truly expresses who you are. You're amazing. And I love you.

  2. Could you come over and help me figure out what is keeping me from losing MY baby weight? Because the baby is six now, and we don't have any birds, sadly.