Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Living on a Prayer

So, here are some questions I've been pondering. Care to ponder along?

Do you pray at night?
I had a discussion with a friend of mine once about this. I used to pray while I was laying in bed before I went to sleep, but I kept falling asleep during the prayer. So I felt guilty, like God was thinking...Seriously, you can't even stay awake long enough to talk to me? I don't even mean enough to you that you can say Amen before you snore. But my friend thought that it was ok. Like you were so comfortable talking to him that it was one of the best ways to fall asleep. I'm still up in the air.

Do you think that when you pray for the same thing over and over it means you don't have enough faith?
My dad was just on a motorcycle trip for five days. He went through seven states, by day two they had rode 1000 miles. So, every night when I said prayers with my kids we prayed for him to make it home safe. I have half a dozen girlfriends that are pregnant and one who really really wants to be. So we also pray for them every night. Here is my you think once is enough? Do you think God gets frustrated that I pray for my dad's safe return every day until he is home? Do you think one time is enough and after that it is overkill? I just don't know how He feels about it.

Do you think the devil loves to get in your mind when you are at church?
I mean I know he loves it all the time...stinking devil. But, sometimes when I'm sitting in church I will have some thought and then I'm shocked at having it. But, I'm even in more shock that it is at church. I think he loves get us especially when we are in God's house. Stinking devil.

Do you wish God had a blog?
I was just thinking the other day about people I know that I wish had a blog. And then I thought I wish God did. I know, I know, he gave us the greatest story ever told. But, sometimes I just wish I knew His plan or what He was thinking on something. I wonder what his 10 Things Thursday would be. 10 of His favorite things to do in heaven. or 10 people who were NOT making it in the pearly gates. I wonder if He would be sad at where we are or if it is going to get better. I wonder if He would tell great stories about Moses and Noah. Just sayin' it would be a good one.


  1. Isn't there at least one versein the Bible that says to pray unceasingly? I'll try to check it out and get back to you on this. I know what you mean about wierd and inappropriate thoughts in church sometimes. It is very unsettling and makes me feel like a heathen, at the time I wonder where the heck that came from.. outta nowhere! Insightful stuff to discuss Tater.

  2. i dont think praying about your dad or your pg friends more than once means that u r asking the same thing from god over and over like he isn't listening. u r seeking comfort in talking with him. IMO he likes it. think of prayer as chitchat with your bestest friend ever. my almost perfect friend jill sets aside time in the morn for prayer//devotionals cuz she is busy all day and so tired at night. love your blog, love u

  3. I pray all day, including at night before bed. I usually make it to amen, but not always.

    I also pray for some of the same things everyday. I think it's good. It reminds us what is important in our lives. I don't think God minds because it lets him know that we know what is important, too.

    I also hate those encroaching (is that a word?) negative thoughts. I don't have many at church these days because I'm too busy chasing Jules and picking up Cheerios. When they come, I sometimes even say, "Go away Satan." And then pray.

    God's blog! That would be so great. I'd read it religiously. :)

  4. I totally wonder stuff like that, too! I confess, I occasionally have a totally off-the-wall inappropriate thought while sitting in church. If you're ever sitting behind me and see me shake my head real quick like a horse dodging flies, then I just had one. I try to point my brain in another direction and have a sad little laugh at myself.

    I pray sporadically through the day, and yes, I fall asleep while praying sometimes. I think it's probably okay. My favorite time to pray is when I'm walking. So I guess I should probably do some more of that, maybe. I can't pray while running, because I'm just too caught up in that whole breathing thing.

  5. thanks girls...I loved reading all of your comments. I'm especially glad that the devil gets us all and not just me. Well, not that I'm glad the devil gets you, that isn't what I meant. I'm just glad I'm not the only one. hee hee.
    Also I talked to my dad about this blog and he had some really good points.
    1. He asked me how I felt when Abby fell asleep in my arms. That is what God thinks...its like His daughter falling asleep where she is most comfortable and safe and He loves it as much as we do when our babies do.
    2. He also said that it is a relationship we have with God and that is what you do with your best friend. you talk to them everyday and sometimes it is the same stuff. It makes the relationship stronger when you just talk to him and it is totally ok.
    I didn't tell him about the other two partly becuase we were so busy and partly becuase I sit right next to him at church and I didn't want him to watch me all day tomorrow to make sure I wasn't having unpure thoughts. :)