Thursday, May 14, 2009

10 Things Thursday

I stole this from my sister...she does it on her blog. Check it out at she is the real writer.

So here is my first 10 Things Thursday in honor of my sister and her sweet Thursday blogs.

10 Things I Bought at the Dollar Store Today

1. Children's apron for my son so we don't have to rig mine to fit him.

2. Fairy skirts for my daughter and niece to match the fairy wings I got them last time I was at the dollar store.

3. Father's Day cards and birthday cards.

4. Labels for my jewelry catalogs.

5. Headbands for the two little girls in my life. (shh...don't tell Jules, they're for her bday)

6. Freezer pops for Aidan. Hopefully Adam doesn't eat them all this time.

7. Two cake pans for brownies for the school auction tomorrow. Baked goods go for big money.

8. Baskets and dish towels to make sure brownies are cute. The PTO mom said the cuter the better.

9. Picnic salt n pepper set. It's that time of year. (oh man, it took all the power in me not to write salt n pepa)

10. Huge butterflies and dragon flies to put next to two sweet girls wearing headbands, fairy skirts and fairy wings. Dang, its fun having a girl!

1 comment:

  1. I love it! I saw those aprons and didn't even think about cooking. I thought about painting! Maybe that's because I don't cook, I mean wear an apron when I cook. Salt n Pepa made me laugh. It IS fun having a girl.