Monday, January 11, 2010


Made stew, beer bread and fudge today. Hmmm. I wonder why I can't get this a$$ of mine any smaller. It's a mystery to me. A complete mystery.

By the way, the beer bread seriously is the best while its warm. Did you try it yet? Do it. I double love it. And my stew rocks. Every. Freaking. Time. Haven't had any fudge yet, but it's fudge. I mean come one. Fudge = yumm.

Been looking through magazines today. I have a little bit of a magazine addiction. Can't help it. I was going to give a pile to my mom but decided I better look through them one more time, one by one, to make sure there isn't anything I need out of them. Good thing I did. Phew. I found a few good recipes I need to try. Like, fruit filled coffee cake, granola french toast, clementine & vanilla bean quick bread. Did you get carb overload just reading that. I did. Where's the vegetables? Oh, right, I don't like vegetables. Oopsy.

Was looking at the photos of the birthday party, more directly the cake and dang, I want a piece of that right now. Fluffy white goodness with creamy lemon filling and pale pink vanilla frosting. Delightful. Speaking of the cake...

What is that little first layer doing down there on the counter by the cake plate?

Why are these three layers up here topless? It is not that kind of party.

Oh, clearly because the top layer slid off when no one was looking and this is how I found it after the party was over.

No cake for mama. Not because of the above mishap. There were two pieces left and they sat out all night after the party (I was sick & apparently didn't go into the kitchen to check) so I threw them away the next morning. But not after I had a bite to make sure they were inedible. Yep, I did.

Off to get the Bubba some stew and try that f to the udge (the half with nuts). Also known as MY half. Do you like nuts? I could share my half with you. Yes, you.


  1. i tried the beer bread. ok, by trying i mean i have made three yes 3 loaves since yesterday. shared it with home group last night and another loaf for the girls at work today, and one just came out of the oven for me. i also made some cheese fondue to eat with it, i know right?

    p.s. i dont like the sounds of the fruit filled whatever cake but i do want u to save me a bit of fudge :)

  2. also--great minds must think alike cuz u know i dont cook that much but in the last few days i made crock pot chili, corn pasta salad, a noodle chicken bake, salmon/cream cheese spread....... wonder why my backside is growing too, hmmmmm.

  3. Ada that cake looks fabulous and just reading about the fudge makes my mouth water.

  4. No thanks on the nuts...Unless they are macadamia or peanuts (w/o th skin).

  5. um, u must have forgotten how wonderful this blog is - i know u r prob busy, but i think u should start it up