Thursday, January 21, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 reasons I love being married to the sweet husband
(other than the obvious ones like I'm madly in love and he is hot hot hot)

1. I hate to sleep alone. I love having him near to comfort me after bad dreams and I love that when one of us wakes up during the night we go for the other ones feet. We are always touching if it is even only our feet.

2. I don't have to get a chair to get things I can't reach. I just blink my long eyelashes and he gets it for me.

3. I always have a Valentines/birthday/Friday night date. Plus, he knows my favorite places to eat so there is no surprise that my picky palate won't be satisfied.

4. He takes incredible care of me. Have I told you the story how I didn't even know what side my gas tank was on for the first year I owned my new car.

5. If something is too heavy or too gross for me he steps in and saves the day.

6. It's like having my best friend as a roommate but with an extra bonus of kisses and stuff.

7. When he has the perfect bite of steak, or bread or pie he offers it to me.

8. Sometimes, still, when I look at him I wonder how I got so lucky to have him in my life.

9. He loves the little things; when I cook him dinner, when I wear his old baseball shirts to bed, when I scratch his back. All of these things make me smile when I see him smile.

10. He sings me to sleep. And that is one of the best things on God's green earth.


  1. Nice. You deserve each other.

  2. i love him too. because he makes my friend so very happy and because he is a wonderful dad and because he loves God and because he makes me laugh and because he puts up with his wifes crazy friends.

  3. That is beautiful. Love is built on the small moments. Thanks for sharing yours.

  4. Bleaaaaaaack! Where's my insulin when I need it?