Friday, February 5, 2010

Ramblies Ramblies

The sweet husband gave me flowers last (not three days ago) Friday. They were my favorites...stargazer lilies. They are still gorgeous and super fragrant and I have half a dozen more to bloom. I can't believe they have lasted this long. It is such a treat. I double love them.

I double love the story behind them too. On one of our very first dates I mentioned in passing (in fact, I don't remember mentioning it at all) that they were my favorite flowers. On my birthday that year...less than a month after our first date he brought me those exact flowers to my work and smiled a sneaky smile when I was shocked he knew my favorite flower. Ahhhhhh.

Have been super stinking busy with little girls at my house almost every day and my little girl started walking so I've been doing a little chasing. Well, a lot of chasing. She is a go go. And her favorite place to play is under my kitchen sink. Which is where we keep all the Mr. Yuck stuff. Just kidding, we don't. Remember Mr. Yuck. The neon green stickers you were supposed to put on stuff so your kids wouldn't drink whatever was in said container.

I saw a guy at the gym today that I could name Mr. Yuck. I know, I'm terrible. But let's back up a little...I was at the gym. Hurray. I had a good visit with my friend the track and he missed me. He has changed a little...he has made a lot of new friends(it was crazy busy), he has new stickers on his lanes to direct all his new friends and call me crazy but I think he is a bit rounder than he was. Just sayin'.

My son and I were going to have a karaoke party but apparently my karaoke machine is broken and now, so is my heart. I'm afraid the only thing that will completely heal it (my heart) is a new sing a long fellow or a trip to Hawaii. Either one.

My favorite karaoke song. Bette Davis Eyes. Hands down.

All the boys thinks she's a spy. She's got Bette Davis eyes.


  1. well there u are!! i've been missing your blog posts!
    congrats on making up with mr. gym, he missed u too.

  2. Bette Davis Eyes is my favorite Karaoke song too!!!