Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Top of the Morning

Started the day with...

some giggles from a blog I love.
a son on the front page of the paper.
a mini bagel with cream cheese.
a date with the track.

The day will also include...

volunteering in my son's class.
making a "freezes beautifully" meal for a new mama.
doing some laundry in search of my fave jeans.
deliver said meal to new mama and squeeze on baby boy.
a little visit to check on a girlfriend.
a full night of sleep without interruptions. (a girl can wish can't she)


  1. I bet he's so excited about being in the paper! Don't forget to save a copy for him.

  2. Save TWO copies for when you accidentally lose the first. Should go without saying, but be sure to keep both copies in separate locations as well.