Thursday, February 25, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 things about the 2010 Winter Olympics

1. I love the USA snowboarder team jackets. Super cute.
2. I do not love their pants...bad baggy jeans. Really?
3. These athletes are in wicked good shape.
4. What is it with curling? Is this really an Olympic sport? It looks like a life size game of shuffle board to me. Super odd.
5. I have a girl crush on Lindsey Vonn. She is crazy beautiful and seems genuine and happy.
6. I cried when she hugged her husband when she won gold.
7. I get that ice skating/dancing is really hard and takes a lot of work but I do not want to watch it. Ever.
8. Shaun White looks way too much like Carrot Top, but I love him anyway.
9. I think that the Olympians have a responsibility to be well behaved and do what is right. Or at the very least, remember that everyone has cameras and cell phones (with cameras) these days and everything they do will be made public...very very public.
10. That being said, I think we should take it easy on them...some of them are very young.


  1. have not watched one second of them :(

  2. I've never watched curling, so I don't know much about it. But there is a pregnant woman on the Canadian team so it must not be too strenuous. But I do know that I would hate it because there is sweeping involved.

    FYI--There have been two other pregnant Olympians. An ice skater in the 1920s and a member of the skeleton team. Just in case you're ever on Millionaire.