Friday, February 26, 2010

Ramblies Ramblies

Just gave four little girls (all under the age of three) some scrambled eggs, toast and some Sesame Street and am experiencing the first silence of the morning. It's nice, but I love when they are "talking" to each other and dancing more.

The eggs are from a girl that the sweet husband works with. She apparently has lots of chickens and too many eggs for her family so she brings some to share. I haven't eaten one of them. Can't bring myself to do it. I know, it's crazy. Trust me, I know.

You know what I can't stop eating? Mini bagels with cream cheese. It's the best 165 calories I eat all day. Funny thing is I wouldn't eat cream cheese at all until a few years ago.

Moved the furniture around in our bedroom yesterday. We try not to have "sides" of the bed. The discussion last night was who sleeps closer to the door. The sweet husband wants to be closer to the door because he is the man and he can protect me. I want to sleep closer to the door because I get up with my bebes during the night. I won. Guess what? The precious daughter slept through the night. Which is also a win for me.

Not a win is that last night when I woke up and was looking to the right I can see down the hall. Then I got scared that I could see someone walking down the hall. Wonder if I could talk the sweet husband into sleeping closer to the door and getting up with the kids? Now, that would be a win win.

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  1. Girls are so different from boys. It seems like it took a long time for the boys to interact with their playmates, but girls seem very much more aware of others and more willing to "play." Just an observation, since we're rambling. :)