Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Me Monday

Head on over to the mother of Not Me Mondays to see what else has not been happening.

I had big plans for Sunday to include yoga, pedicure, and lunch. I did not spend the day at home with a baby who had a 101 degree fever. She did not nap all day and then stay up until eleven pm.

I had a house full of girls the other day. I heard a thump and a scream and when I looked for the cause found one girl had tackled another on the hard wood floors. I did not use a four letter word when I saw it was my little girl on the bottom. I did not realize I even said it until the three year old girl repeated me numerous times. Oopsy.

Afternoon cocktails sounded like such a glorious idea the night before. Even while I was drinking a bottle of hard apple cider it seemed delicious. It did not take just a few of them to make my head hurt and bring on the need for a nap.


  1. So sorry Abby is sick. :( Poor baby.

    I just have to say that it wasn't MY little girl on top or saying the naughty word. This time.

  2. so sorry for Abby. hard apple cider? i should try that some time.