Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Would You Rather

Last night when I was tucking in my son I decided to play a few games of would you rather with him.

Me: Would you rather have to wear big pink hoop earrings everyday or wear a skirt every Monday for the rest of your life?
A skirt you could hide in you pants.

Me: Would you rather have to sleep on a sandpaper bed or wear sandpaper underwear?
Sandpaper bed...wear lots of clothes and you wouldn't even know it.

Me: Would you rather have all your friends call you Elizabeth or wear a matching Easter dress with your little sister?

I think mine are pretty funny and very difficult for a seven year old boy.

Here are his attempts.

Son: Would your rather never see me again or kiss my face off?
Um, kiss your face off.

Son: Would you rather hug me all day every day or kiss me goodnight?
Hug you all day...I could sneak a kiss in.

Son: Would you rather be eaten by a lion or a leprechaun?
Now that's a good one...a lion definitely. Leprechauns would take little tiny bites and it would last forever.

1 comment:

  1. What a great game! I might have to copy that one. And hiding the skirt in your pants...brilliant!