Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nice to Meet You

Was reading one of my fave blogs one morning and it made me think of a little story.

First, I'll tell you that I have the worst gag reflex of anyone on the face of the planet. It is crazy and gross and I unfortunately passed it on to both of my children. I know, right? Ugh.

My son has always been a puker. Even when he was little. Especially, when he was little. He would say he was hot which was little to no warning because seconds later...puke. Everywhere. I got used to it and could control my own gagging to a bare minimum. Which I found quite magical and miraculous all at the same time.

After I had been dating the sweet husband (before he was the sweet husband, just the sweet boyfriend) for a while he made mention that at some point he was going to need to meet my child. We decided that a fun afternoon of Chuck E Cheese and dinner would be a great place for introductions. We had a great time at the mouse house. The son, who was three, was busy playing games and running around. At one point I ran to the bathroom and there was some sort of, um, disagreement between the two boys. Ok, not a disagreement but I think there was maybe some throwing of shoes and then maybe my son punched the boyfriend. Oopsy. I swear he was better behaved than that. And, I did swear the SB (sweet boyfriend).

But that is only the beginning. When we got to dinner we were waiting for our table the SB whispered something to the son. Something like "tell your mom she is beautiful". Well, apparently it was like a bad game of telephone like you used to play when you were younger...because what was said to me by the son was "He said you were old." I laughed and laughed. Was he trying to sabotage the date? Dang, that kid was smart even then.

The finale came at dinner when we were all eating and, I thought, enjoying our meals. I was sitting in the middle of my two boys. Aidan looked at me and said "Mommy, I'm hot." Oh, no. No you're not. Just rest for a minute. But I didn't even have a minute. He stood up in the booth and bent over and for some crazy reason my mama reaction was to put a napkin in my hands and cup them like a bowl under his mouth. It was over in an instant and I was nervous to look at the SB. Let's be honest...this may very well be the grossest thing ever. Is he really going to want to hold my hand after he just saw it full of chewed up and half digested grilled cheese? Ewwww. (By the way, I'm gagging just typing's ridiculous) He was amazing, (of course) he asked if there was anything he could do to help while I was trying to get us both out of the booth and to the bathroom to clean up.

The good thing about the son is that he recovers very quickly and was back to throwing the SB under the bus in no time. The SB only joked about it later when he could kiss away my fears that it would be enough to chase him away. Thank goodness, because I was pretty much head over heels for him even then.

And although that first night wasn't perfect, it pretty much is now.


  1. i laughed out loud. very loud. my co worker turned to me and said "u r kidding, right?"

    laughing mainly because i imagined you gagging as u typed this.

  2. I knew you would love that. :)

  3. Not only could I imagine it, I could picture it because I've seen it so many times before. :)

  4. the SB must have started it. he shouldn't have been throwing shoes at the boy.