Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Monday

Head on over to the mother of Not Me Mondays to see what else has not been happening.

I did not send a desperate text message to a recently pregnant friend for some drugs to stop the morning sickness yesterday. That would be totally against all kinds of take someones prescription. That did not make me sleep from 5pm to 1am on the couch after taking said drugs. They make mama sleeeeeeeeepy.

I wanted to use two coupons when buying lunch for the family the other day and the coupons clearly state that you may only use one per customer per visit. I did not discuss the plan with my sweet husband in the car so he could order our lunch and I would order the kids' lunch and we could both use a coupon. That would be taking this budget thing way too far. The coupon karma fairy totally won...lunch was gross with a capital G. Yuck.

I went to a lovely baby shower yesterday for a beautiful young lady I have known for many, many years. I did not feel the least bit jealous of her. She only has a week or two to go and I have seven long months ahead of me. She looks like she swallowed a basketball and that is it, no pregnant face, no swollen feet...just absolutely beautiful.


  1. dang those perfect pregnant people!

  2. You know what I am jealous of? Your smile. I have no doubt that you have been wearing that smile since the second you saw that first positive test. I didn't have that...My smiles didn't come till about half way through and I will always wish I had been as excited as I am now, in the beginning.