Friday, March 5, 2010

God is Good

God reads my blog.
Either that or he knows my heart.
But it is kind of cool to think he reads my blog.
However, if He does I need to watch my language.
Sorry about that.

You know the blog I wrote yesterday.
The 10 things that would make me happy.
Well today was sunny.
The sweet husband had the day off.
My sweet baby did not have a fever for the first time in almost a week.
I finally got a positive pregnancy test.
Or three, but who's counting.
Except for the husband who wants to know how one can spend $50 on pregnancy tests.

I also got a sweet tea.
But, that wasn't from God.
It was from the best sister in the whole world.
Who was initially from God.
It wasn't until later that I was having a drinky of that delicious bev that I realized she had read the blog and did what she could to make me happy.
Dang, she is good.
But, not as good as God.

Because God gave me a baby.
He answered my prayers.
He knew my heart and blessed me once again.
God is good.

We would double love your prayers.
We are praying.
We are praying that I can carry this baby until November.
We are praying that this baby is healthy.

Did I mention?
God is Good.


  1. Big time prayers fer sure!!! Congrats!!!
    Love you guys!!

  2. Woo hoo! A November baby! Can't wait. Just can't wait!

    And that means 6 kids at Christmas this year!

  3. Yay!! And congratulations! Jen told me this morning that you were expecting and I'm SUPER excited for you!!!