Sunday, March 14, 2010

Color Me Bad

Do you think color blindness can develop later in life? Because I can swear when I bought these pants they were gray. Warm, dark charcoal gray perfect fit for the growing belly-stay at home mom-yoga pants. Then when I got them in the car the sweet husband and the son both said they were purple. The son added that he really liked the color and I would look beautiful in them. Dang, I love that kid. And now, today when I put them on to lounge, nap and watch girl movies they are brown. Seriously.

Oooh, remember that clothing line that changed color when we were younger? You know the sweatshirts that were light blue and then when you blew hot air on them they changed to pink. Or purple to blue or whatever. It was like a mood ring sweatshirt. I didn't have one but a friend did and I loved to borrow it. I'm not making this up. Am I?


  1. I remember those clothes, too.

    Maybe your pants are like that horse on the Wizard of Oz. Now that's a pair of pants of a different color!

  2. there is that del sol place downtown -- their clothing turns a diff color when in the sun.

    maybe the lighting in the store was bad?