Thursday, March 18, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 Reasons I love Spring

1. The sun. Ahhhh, the sun, the glorious sun shows his pretty face again and warms the earth and my heart.

2. Tulips. One of my absolute favorite flowers and when I see the tips of the green leaves poking through the dirt I begin to smile. Now if only I could get them to last a little while longer.

3. Yard work. The sweet husband loves to be outside making our yard look better each year. I love being out there planting my flowers and cleaning my patio furniture for future fireside talks and picnics.

4. Letting the kids out after a long Northern winter is the best medicine for just about everything. The bikes, scooters, push cars and sidewalk chalk that clutter the driveway is a wonderful sight.

5. Daylight Savings. Need I say more?

6. After dinner walks with the family. Made possible by #5.

7. Caramel highlights which have already been strategically placed all over my head to make me brighter, lighter and spring sexy.

8. All the things I bought all winter long, while thrifting, that need a fresh coat of white paint can finally be beautified. Well not by prego me apparently, as I was told by the sweet husband today when he came home for lunch to find me standing outside with a can of spray paint in hand.

9. Bye bye Uggs...hello Tevas.

10. Most importantly...Easter. Jesus is Risen! Hallelujah! The new pastel dresses and the colored eggs are just a tiny bonus.


  1. When I was younger, I thought that summer was my favorite season. But as I get older, spring and fall are in a tie for the number one spot. Winter is always #4.

  2. spring is #2 for me behind summer - i would love fall more than spring but i have a hard time enjoying it because i am mourning summer and dreading winter.