Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vintage Barn Sale

Went to the Vintage Barn Sale with my mom, mother in law and her bestie. We had a great time. We saw some great stuff. We got some good ideas. We giggled and soaked up the sun. Oh and we all found a few goodies.
It was a good day.

One of the vendors...she had amazing aprons. And the sweetest pink Raggedy Ann dolls. Of course they were gone when I got there. Sorry baby girl.

This is like my own little heaven. Look at all the goodies.

Cute sign, cute stuff.

My absolute favorite vendor. Do you see all that pink stuff? Hello lovah. I must have walked through a dozen times. She had a bed and the bed skirt was pink tulle. Adorable. I could've taken it all home.

These chairs are numbered. Not so sure why.

Photo for my sweet husband.

Oh, I am sooooo doing this next spring. An old door with wire garden fencing with plants in it. Ohmygosh!

Here are the pretties I came home with...

The old typewriter key necklace...its our letter.

Old pink plate for cakes, cookies, etc.

Old brackets for nightstand I'm making.


  1. SO CUTE! where is this, why was i not invited and is there another???

  2. I love the plate. I noticed it last week with the delicious cake on it.

  3. Neat stuff Spud! Thanks for sharing!

  4. KT: they have two a year. I will def tell you next time. in fact we can go together.
    Jen: you mean the ultra good best cake I've ever made delish pineapple kiss your face off cake? yep, that's the plate.
    Dor: anytime. my pics aren't as good as kells but I'm asking for a new camera for bday/christmas so maybe, just maybe someday they will be. :)
    Chup: well, thank you kind sir. although when i read that my second thought was "like a hawk"?!?!!?!???