Sunday, September 6, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not have big plans of cleaning, organizing and finishing house projects yesterday and instead go to Costco, make cookies, and snuggle with the baby girl. *update. At 2pm I got the bug and I did not clean, clean, clean, re-pot the plants, sand down a mirror, paint a frame and feel much better.

I did not go down the "expert" slide at our local water park and have a swimsuit malfunction a la Janet Jackson. The teenage lifeguard did not have a monster size grin on his face when I emerged from the water and he did not proceed to avoid my eyes for the rest of the day.

Saturday was family day so it was ended with a family competition of Dig Dug, Pac Man and Galaga. That's right...old school Atari games. I did not win at everything. Everything but Galaga. And for the record, that game is stupid anyway.

My daughter pulled herself up for the first time on a lounge chair while we were out Saturday afternoon. I did not miss it because her dad and I were in deep conversation about the state of the union. I can't actually remember what we were talking about but, I know that after we saw we missed it, we stopped all conversation and cheered for her and got out the camera. I have learned to plan ahead so the camera did not run out of batteries at that exact moment. Ugh.

Marilyn Manson was playing the same venue the night after the concert we attended this week. When we were looking for parking before the concert we saw a kid with long, dyed, black hair, a Manson tee shirt and just the menace to society look about him wandering the downtown streets. I told the sweet husband that clearly the kid was a day early and then continued on about Mr. Manson and his fan club and what exactly I though of them. Ugh. We found a spot in one of the lots close by and I told the hubby to park in between the these two nice cars, less chance ours would get jacked up. One was black, preppy, sporty and otherwise delicious. I thought to myself...I could fit that. Moments later that same menace from earlier came walking up the street and took out a set of keys and hit the button and opened the door and got in his car...the black, preppy, sporty & otherwise delicious, i could fit that car. I did not learn, once again, that I should not make snap judgements about people. Little miss judgey judgerton that I am.


  1. u did not forget to pack a bottle and some wipes for your daughter before leaving for the local water park either, did you? no, u didnt.

  2. Did you ask dad if you could go to the water park? :)

  3. I did not just find your blog and consider it greatness!

  4. KT: Why yes, yes I did. Forgot that part. hee hee

    Jen: Oh, I asked, and I quote "Well wear gloves so you don't get your finger ripped off by the seams of the crazy water slides."

    RPM: Thank you kind sir.