Thursday, September 3, 2009

Looky Looky

Look what I just found in the backyard.
The first sign of fall.
I love fall.
Sweaters & jeans.
Apple pie.
Soup that cooks all day.
Homemade bread.
Changing leaves...


  1. i like your idea of fall and i'm going to do my best to have your positive attitude. normally i have a tough time enjoying it because i know its only welcoming in the evil winter.

  2. also, can i come sample your soups? and borrow some sweaters? :)

  3. I used to think summer was my favorite, but I'm liking fall more and more.

  4. Kelly: you can have a bowl of soup from every pot. and my sweaters are your sweaters...just like living in the duplex. hee hee

    jen: fall is my all time fave. Ahhhh...hello, fall.