Friday, September 25, 2009


Post #100
My life in exactly 100 words.

Born in West Virginia, moved at the age of four. Went to private school until high school. Married high school sweetheart. Had baby boy who changed my life. Realized you don't know much in high school; got divorced. Life was hard and sad. Son was my saving grace. The best and worst time of my life. Pseudo blind date. Fell crazy in love. Married him nine months later. My soul mate and best friend. Life is fabulous. Had beautiful baby girl who made life even better. Blessed to be able to stay home. Dreams all came true. God is good.


  1. LOVE it. Pretty good but I dont think it sums up everything. You need another 100 words :)

  2. That pretty much says it all but'sept all the good stuff about your parents and sis! We know that tho.

  3. well you know me and you know I could go on and on but I saw this in a mag (imagine?!?!) one day and was wondering if I could do it. It's ok. not my fave...I was really hoping Kelly would do it. :)
    Thanks girls

  4. I have never, in all our lives, heard you tell a story in 100 words! :) I might have to try it.

  5. Jen: I know, right? Try might be harder for you...more years. hee hee