Thursday, September 3, 2009

Date Night

These are the tickets that I got the sweet husband for our anniversary. One of his favorite bands.

This is the shirt I wore to make him smile. And it did.

This is the delicious cosmo I drank. It's a mini glass with a refill. I know, right? The best. Oh, and that is his Mac & Jacks in the background.

This is what the scantily dressed, hot blonde on roller skates gave to me when she told me I looked like I could be one of them (roller derby girls) while we were waiting for the show to start.

This is the opening band that should fire all of their sound crew. Immediately.

And this is why we favorite song. I love these guys.

Due to a certain comment from a certain Dave fan, that I love, here is a better version of the song since my camera is not all that and the boys deserve better than my little sony can provide.


  1. super duper cute post, one of my faves, but i must say the song sounded like crap. yeah, i said it. u put down dave - your cruddy horse band gets a boo too. thats the way it works.

  2. well the sound is not their camera is crap. I'm saving up for a new one. :) Look for it on you it sounds better.

  3. Roller derby? Do you really need a third job? Wait. That would give you a bunch more girls to sell Silpada to!

  4. Oh puhleeze do not even think this is better than Michael Bolton.
    Only thing that would have made Bolton's concert better would have been his mullet making a comeback!
    jk (that's cyber talk for just kidding... jk get it). Oh that was so Lisa M of me! I love it!

  5. wow, raw talent. u got me.
    give me a break! what was there, like 12 words in that song??? they sound fine for maybe an amatuer local band or something and thats it. i would totally have a blog off with u, but i must admit i'm too stupid to figure out how to post videos. so u win. u and your pathetic band, win. go dave!