Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 things about fall that make it my favorite season

1. Jeans & cardigans and my new black ballet flats
2. Craft fairs at local schools and churches
3. Apple Festival at Green Bluff which leads to: Apple pie, cooked apples, apples with dip or peanut butter, sweet fresh delicious apples
4. Lighting the candles in the house for that warm glow I miss all summer
5. Soups that simmer for hours & homemade bread to go with it
6. Grey's & The Office will be back. Don't judge.
7. Brightly colored leaves on the trees & piles on the ground perfect for photo ops
8. Caramel apple cider from Starbucks
9. Planting tulips for next spring
10. Thanksgiving planning; menu, traditions, invitations, decorations etc.


  1. ok i do love a couple of those. remind me to plant tulips k?

  2. Yeah for apples and Grey's and soup and leaves and Thanksgiving.

  3. Don't know anything about Greys but, The Office rocks. 30 Rock rawks! Glee surprised me and seems pretty good. Parks And Recreation I've decided to like even if all others forsake and hate it.

  4. KT: we could have a tulip planting party. my house and your house.
    Jen: I know, right. Delish.
    CK (combatkevin)(you know cuz of the whole chupacabra weird looking animal thing) :) Greys is incredible, I've been hooked since the beginning. The Office...classic. 30 Rock is good too. I wanted to watch Glee...maybe I should get caught up. And I'm with you on P&R. I love it, even if it's just me and you who do. :)