Thursday, September 24, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 steps to picking grapes off my grape vines yesterday

1. Take colander, phone, camera and two little girls with their toys outside to back yard.
2. Snap photos of grapes while still on vines.
3. Taste grapes to make sure this is worth my was.
4. Give girls a few grapes of their own to eat.
5. Completely fill colander. Didn't realize there were this many grapes.
6. Go inside to get another colander...completely fill it as well.
7. Go inside AGAIN to get another colander...completely fill it too. What???
8. Wash grapes and remove from bunches.
9. Freeze to make jam later this fall.
10. Go to freezer numerous times a day to snack on delish frozen grapes.


  1. Yum! Jules is loving them. I can't wait to taste the jam.

  2. frozen grapes are my favorite treat!
    i cant wait to try some yummy jam, hello christmas gifts right??

  3. Ummm...I guess you learn something new everyday...I am definately blonde...I always thought grapes were only grown in vinyards in California. Thank you for enlightening me. Your grapes look fabulous!!!