Tuesday, September 22, 2009

God Always Wins

So that Satan is a tricky little devil, isn't he.

Let me explain.

My girlfriend and I were just having a conversation the other day about how I felt like something was missing from my life. My life is great. I am absolutely crazy in love with my sweet husband. I have two beautiful children. I spend my days with two precious girls (my daughter and my niece) where we get to go for a daily walk and giggle and have snacks on the floor. Life is good. Except for that one thing, that one thing that was missing. After a little discussion we agreed upon the fact that it was God. God was missing. Not missing completely. I have a personal relationship with God, I go to church, I pray. But I decided I needed more.

So I developed a game plan that included the following:
Wednesday: Small group weekly Bible study
Thursday: Morning women's group at church
Thursday: Host a middle school small group in my home.
Friday: Evening service church
Sunday: Marriage class at church
Sunday: Book club online w/500 Christian women

Overkill? Maybe. It's all or nothing with me. Go big or go home, right? Well, it looks like a good plan on paper. It looks like I will be busy. It looks like I will meet new people and learn a lot. It looks like I will have more God which is exactly what I was needing. I was excited.

And then it happened. Sneaky little Satan hit me. Like a ton of bricks. He knows where I falter, he knows where my weaknesses lie. He knows where and when to hit me with the temptations that I think I have conquered. And, he did. It was like he saw me trying to be better, trying to better my life. He saw me and he pounced. Dang Lucifer. I failed the test. Failed miserably. And today I find myself hurting and owing explanations and not being able to give them. I find myself ashamed and needing even more God. Maybe his plan backfired. Maybe this is just the push I needed. And if that is the case then, God wins again.

God always wins.
God always wins.
God always wins.


  1. oh man thats so true, he is a sneaky little devil that devil. great post, gets me thinkin. thank you.
    God wins the war but lets not let Satan win any battles.

  2. If is so wonderful how God allows us to get closer to the goal with each failure. Just like the inventor who never gave us we know who our greatest cheerleaders are. Yes Ada, God Always Wins! And He is Always there to help us start again even on the same day. I love that. And if you are doing a little Chapel time with Aidan and Abby, that is letting yourself become God's vessel....so see....God wins!
    Beautiful post Ada...OX Karmen