Thursday, September 17, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 things I am looking forward to.

1. Getting my hair done tomorrow. Tomorrow, tomorrow, good hair tomorrow, you're only a day away.
2. First soccer game for the Bubba on Saturday.
3. Saturday afternoon lunch with some of my favorite girls. It's been too long and I'm about to remedy that.
4. Brother in law coming in to town. I do love him...but my sweet husband and my son adore him and when they are happy...mama is happy.
5. Family pictures taken in my favorite season by my bestie.
6. What may be one of my best jewelry parties yet. Fingers crossed.
7. Annual trip to Green Bluff for the Harvest Festival to pick apples and pumpkins and have some snacks and get some pictures.
8. The birth of one precious little boy in Washington to one of my best friends. Yeah for little brothers, little boys and no more pregnancies ever. (for her...not me)
9. Josh Radin concert double date.
10. Starting new things...which is a another list in itself.


  1. i will see u tomorrow :)
    family pics sound like a great idea, thanks for the reminder
    which jewelry party?
    i love green bluff
    kellys baby? when is he due?

  2. I am also super excited for number 8!!!!!!! Can't wait to be an aunt again!!!

  3. Thats right NO MORE PREGNANCIES!! NO MORE PUKING every day for 9 months! NO MORE SWOLLEN feet, hands and aching joints!! HOORAY for a shrinking body and not a growing one!!

  4. kt: jen's next Sat.
    Christine: #8, confused
    Calista: I love you. And your pregnant self.