Thursday, September 3, 2009

10 Things Thursday Photo Edition

10 things I want from my parents house.

It is a big joke at their house about me wanting EVERYTHING and my older sister not getting anything. Clearly she can have some things. For example: the moose head ($1500 or not, I don't want it), the sewing table (she apparently already claimed it), the chip clips, the antler chandelier (pretty much any of the things w/antlers). See, I don't want everything.

But, here are the things I really want.

The picture of my grandma Margaret (mom's mom) signed by her for some suitor of hers. He didn't win though, she and my grandpa were happily married for 57 years.

My daddy's coal mining helmet. The glasses to the right are my great grandfathers.

A picture of my grandpa (dad's dad) and a fiddle my dad built when I was younger.

Virginia Rose dishes. My mom just started displaying these when she redid her dining room. Such a sweet lovely pattern.

An old church bench my dad shortened and refinished from a church in WV.

This is a picture series that my parents had taken. It starts at the top with my mom standing upon a hill and my dad riding his horse up the hill. It ends with my dad and mom embracing. I adore it.

The antique couple busts.

The shadow box frame with some of my Grandma Ada's (dad's mom and my namesake) things. That is her apron, some of the wallpaper from her house, come clothespins, safety pins, buttons and keys.

Ahhhh, my favorite. The Mccoy pink and blue stoneware dishes. I have found many of these over the years at antique stores to add to what my mom has. These are just three of the many many.

My dad. He watched me take pictures of everything in their house and laughed at me. So I snapped one of him. I would take him. I love him. My sister can have the lamp in the background...she broke the top anyway.


  1. Sigh. I guess I'll take the moose head.

  2. Ada... you spoiled little brat! You gotta share some of the sentimental goods with your sis!!
    I love the pix of your parents on the hill, can I arrange to come over and see that in person sometime. That is just TOO perfect!
    Be nice to Jen and share!!

  3. i love the pix of your parents on the hill too. what a neat idea! it looks like the man from snowy river or something.