Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not see myself on an old home video when I was 16 and want to reach through the tv and slap myself. What a snot I was. I felt awful. I did not apologize to my mother over and over. Dang, I hope my daughter is not like that.

I did not develop some sort of rash on my shoulders and collar bones. I did not convince myself it was some sort of sign that I would be dead in 24 hours. When I told the sweet husband, he did not laugh at me and tell me to "knock it off".

Jill and Kelly found a two inch scar on my head above my left ear while doing my hair. I had no idea I even had a scar there. When I called my mom to see what it was from she did not tell me she didn't remember and to call my sister. My sister did not also not know anything about it. I did not consider this complete proof that I am adopted. They have been trying to hide it for years. Unsuccessfully.

I am always watching my sweet baby girl to make sure she doesn't get anything she shouldn't have. So she, for sure, didn't eat a bug at my parents house yesterday. And most certainly didn't eat dirt (the little aerated plugs of dirt) at cross country practice today and have mud, yep mud, all over her face and shirt. I did not just laugh about it and wipe the mud off and then kiss her clean forehead.

1 comment:

  1. I don't even remember where my scars came from. I surely can't remember where yours came from.


    I gave you that scar but just don't want to admit it.


    It's from an alien abduction where they implanted something so they can find you again. Kind of like tagging a fish.