Monday, September 21, 2009

Times, They are a Changin

So my hair turned out wonderful. (10 things thursday #1)

Jill is amazing. It's dark and shiny with new bangs and layer upon layer upon layer of sultry. It makes my blue eyes pop. The sweet husband walked in the door and with a wicked grin said, "Oh, Hello." And my adorable son kept touching it and telling me how pretty I was. You know me...I ate it up. Well ,we (the girls) decided that we needed to let the new hair have it's debut. So, I put the kids to bed, put on some eyeliner, jeans, and Steve Madden shoes and met the girls downtown for some giggles and a cosmo.

We did have a lot of giggles and throw your head back and laugh moments. We also had a few shocking ones. What has happened to our sweet downtown? It wasn't that long ago that us girls got most of our cardio for the week from dancing all night. It wasn't that long ago that we knew 75% of the patrons at any local establishment. It wasn't that long ago that we were the young, hot girls. It wasn't that long ago that strange boys bought all our drinks while we smiled and graciously accepted. It wasn't that long ago that the dance floor was full of boy and girl dance partners. It wasn't that long ago that the next day we did it all over again.

And now. Now it is totally different.

Now the dancing is more like, um, well let's just say that girls have gotten pregnant without touching that much. (my dad's saying) We saw four people we knew, only two we talked to and a million that looked like half dressed twelve year olds. Kelly coined the name fossils for us. That is not a good all. This night our drinks were bought by Kelly's mother in law who gave her a $20 on the way out. (Love that Sheila) There was no room for us on the dance floor between the girls and girls and girls with girls. And the next day we slept in, were tired all day, had headaches and remembered why we do not stay out that late anymore.

The hair did turn a few heads but I missed it. Luckily, my sweet Kelly pointed it out to me as she knows me well and knows that I would love it. It was my early birthday present from her. A little beauty treatment that was much needed. Thank you Kelly. I love it and I love you. I also love an impromptu night out with my brunette girls. And there was that one boy who sat at our table to make that starving girl with the great shoes jealous. And it worked. Hee hee. Clearly, we still have it. We are hot fossils.


  1. Haha! Hot Fossils would be a totally cool name for an all-girl rock band. You guys would rock the face off of Josie and the Pussycats. (Oh, wait--you're not old enough to remember them, are you? Hmmm...what's older than a fossil? Because that's what I am.)

  2. nooooooo, nooooooo i will not be going downtown again anytime soon. i refuse to try to keep up with the twenty somethings. lets embrace our 30's and make the most of it, cuz its not like we have a choice :)
    p.s. your madden shoes and sexpot hair was to die and must make another appearance...... on the back porch