Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random Ramblings

My parents are taking my son and my two nephews to the Oregon Coast. I want to go so bad I can barely stand it. Camping, flying kites, reading, pictures, watching my son enjoy it all...sounds absolutely wonderful.

Speaking of my son...he is off to five days with his dad. I loathe this. It is too long without seeing his sweet face. I try to work and stay busy while he is away so I don't worry so much. Oh and I also pray like a crazy person.

Went to a theatre the other day where you can put your own butter and salt on the popcorn. Pure genius!

Started reading again the other day. I haven't read for probably the last two years. Unless children books, cookbooks, or what to expect(when you're pregnant & the first year) books count. It was a gift from my besty and after reading the cover I wasn't too excited. She knows me very well...the book is amazing. I forgot how much I love to read. good to be back.

I cannot, do not, will not watch scary movies. I don't like going to the movie store and seeing the covers of the rentals. They keep getting more and more gruesome. I don't like the previews on the tv, which also seem to be pushing the envelope. I don't like any of it at all. I think there is enough scary stuff in the real world that we don't need them. Plus, aren't they giving the bad guys ideas. Ugh.

We have grapevines in our backyard. Last year we only had one bunch of grapes but this year there are a million. Was thinking of making wine. Our own backyard brew but would like the kids to be able to share in the love. So I decided to make grape jam. Doesn't that sound delicious.

My six month old daughter just started giving loves. She will lay her head on my shoulder or my chest and give a baby hug. It may be my new favorite thing.

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  1. What theater lets you put your own butter on your popcorn?!?!