Saturday, July 25, 2009

Farmers Market

We just got home from our local farmers market. I love it there. Even if I don't buy anything*. It is shaded and cool. It is colorful and lively. There is live music playing from the small stage. There are friendly community people everywhere. There are fresh herbs, flowers. There is delicious salsa and salmon. Handmade goodies for your home, your body and your backyard. You run into friends. You run into strangers that somehow quickly become friends. Plus you also get to support your town. Support the local growers and crafters. There is absolutely no reason under the sun (or shade) not to.

*Wish List
Herb Pot (um, my herbs didn't so much grow. at all)
Taco Chic Salsa (have some in my fridge right now)
Hand painted signs
Fresh home made bread
Leaf bird bath
White double Adirondack chair

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