Thursday, July 23, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 last movies I watched/books I read

1. Rachel Getting Married
Not so good. Long and weird scenes that seemed unnecessary and just like time fillers. Got bored, cleaned my room and walked Abby around the house while it played in my room.

2. New Moon
Read it in one day. Second in the Twilight series...delicious. Team Edward? Team Jacob? How does one choose.

3. Twilight
Finally gave in to the crazy Twilight mania. Fell in love and finished within one day.

4. Gran Torino
Clint Eastwood used his Dirty Harry voice more than once. Acting was horrible. Language was also horrible. Adam said it was a good story. Good overcomes. Whatev. Read Twilight while it was on.

5. Shadow of the Wind
Delightful reading about a boy and a book. Put it on your summer reading list. Was a gift from my besty and she is a great judge of books, not so much movies. (she liked Gran Torino)

6. Night at the Museum 2
Took the fam to an afternoon showing. We all laughed and have been quoting parts since then. Sack in the box. Cinco de Mayo. It's Brunden. Hilarious.

7. He's Just Not That Into You
Been waiting to see this. Finally got a chance. Soooo many famous people. Wow. How did they get them all together. Cute movie. I can't help but adoring Jennifer Aniston.

8. Taken
Dad saves daughter movie. I liked it, didn't like the ending. Little violent.

9. Public Enemies
I love myself some Johnny Depp. He does great in this old time movie about John Dillinger.

10. Pirates of the Caribbean
Aidan put this on this morning. The reason he chose this...because his mom loves herself some Johnny Depp.


  1. Don't think anything of the fact- I also loves me some J Depp.

    Really think nothing of it

    When I saw the trailer for Public Enemies i knew it and he would be awesome.

  2. Oh, no--I have Rachel Getting Married coming from Netflix tomorrow.

    I'll have to check out Shadow of the Wind. Haven't heard of that one!

    (And by the way, I'm on Team Edward.)

  3. there is no choice, its edward, duh. i was mixed about gran torino, i wont watch rachel, thanks for the heads up. not an aniston fan but i LOVED ginnifer goodwin in that movie.

  4. I still think I'm a wolf girl. I like Edward, but Jacob is so sweet and funny and WARM.

    And Johnny Depp was sooo good in Public Enemies.

  5. Chupa: I do not judge. He is hard not to love. :)

    Katrina: Sorry...maybe you will like it. It came as one of the movies on my list too.

    KT: I just don't know yet...that's all. I knew you didn't like Aniston. I just don't get it?

    Jen: Ahhhh...the warmth. I know, right?

  6. i'm a wolf girl. which may seem strange because i'm also a legolas fan. i think it's the loyalty that both of them show their friends. it never wavers. i like that.