Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Random Ramblings

I sleep with one leg out of the covers. Unless I wake up scared from a bad dream (yes I still have them) and then all of my body is immediately covered up so that the dream cannot get me in real life. Always done this, always will.

Had to shave my son's head yesterday as he had been with his dad for five days and was given a mohawk. Ugh. Is it possible that the shaved head makes him not only look older but taller?

My two year anniversary is in 21 days. Two years is cotton. I have the best idea EVER. It is my husbands year to plan the actual date. Should I remind him that last year (my year to plan) we went to dinner, stayed at the Davenport and walked around downtown with Starbucks in the morning? You know, just to make sure this year is comparable.

I don't drink coffee but I have to have hot chocolate every morning. Even when I'm on a diet I immediately take off 100 calories for hot chocolate and 100 calories for dessert. I'm a planner, what can I say.

My best friend is on her way to Disneyland right now. Man, I could use a day at the happiest place on earth right about now.

Seeing my daughter smile and giggle at her brother is one of my all time favorite things. God has blessed me with the two sweetest bebes and I am so thankful.

Speaking of God I am totally going to ask him help me understand flys. They are gross and annoying and I just see no point for them. In the next breath I will praise him for lightning bugs and huckleberries. Yes, huckleberries are totally unrelated to insects but dang they are good.

Met a 90 year old man yesterday. He was a Navy Seal from World War II. He was telling stories and on his way out commented on my daughter and how "God's greatest creation was girls...and he created some pretty incredible things so that is saying a lot." I totally agree with him. Girls rock!

Think I have decided to read the Twilight series as I am the only girl I know that has not read them. They are supposed to be very well written and have made a grown woman put her hand over her heart and smile about the sweet teenage love. Fine, I give up. I'll read the silly vampire books.


  1. Yes, read them. Read them knowing that they are silly, but allowing yourself permission to enjoy them, anyway. That is the best way.

    As far as I'm concerned, the Reader would lose much of life's joy if the world of literature were confined to the highbrow likes of Milton and Bronte.

    After all, nobody takes Dostoevsky to the beach.

  2. I have the books. You can borrow them if you want. Katrina is right though, just enjoy the silliness. And, by the way, Katrina is the only person I know who would mention Dostoevsky in a blog comment!

  3. u know i love your sister and katrina seems great, but in no way shape or form are the twilight books silly. the only silly part is that edward is not real and i am not married to him. yay God for huckleberries (and my huck)and i cant wait to ask him about ticks, whats the deal? (lisas reply to me questioning God about ticks years ago was an immediate "true, and slugs, dont forget to ask about slugs"
    p.s i want a text in the morning about the cotton idea :)

  4. Jen & Katrina: I had to google Dostoevsky. You are right...not beach reading.
    KT: I'm sure whatever team they are on they both want to be married to them too...they just wont admit it. hee hee
    will text you...it is great.

  5. Ada, if you are talking about me being married to Edward, I'm actually more of a werewolf girl. Oh, did you know there were werewolves, too?