Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Armageddon with no Bruce Willis

We had a wicked storm last night. I love myself a summer storm. Usually. I was woke up by the continuous thunder. And by continuous thunder I don't mean a thunder strike every few moments. I mean continuous rolling thunder . I counted twenty four seconds on one of them. I know, right? It thundered for twenty four seconds straight. And the lightning lit up the entire sky for long enough to match the thunder. I have never in my thirty years witnessed a storm like this. Which is probably why I thought it was the second coming. Seriously. I woke up frightened to the core. I was rendered motionless. I was frozen. I thought for a moment of the Left Behind movie. Which for the record only made it worse. Because I was still here. At that moment I pictured both of my babies gone, along with my parents. Adam still laid asleep beside me so he apparently wasn't good enough to make the first round either. I just kept listening to the thunder and watching the lightning. And then I started wondering who else would be left with me. Who else was just not good enough to go. Who else had to endure the next few years of turmoil with me. And then it hit me. Perhaps that is why I was still left here...just call me little miss judgey judgerton. Oh no. I wasn't trying to be judgey. I was trying to figure out who I should call. Who I would surround myself with. I fell asleep trying to devise a plan only to be suddenly woke again by the loud rolling thunder. I jumped and woke up Adam with a four letter word that rhymes with sit. Which might also be the reason I'm still here...potty mouth. Dang! Adam questioned me and my surprising vulgar wake up call. I explained the thunder, the lightning and my thought of Armageddon. He laughed quietly, grabbed me and rolled me toward him. This calmed me enough to sleep and when I woke this morning I found my innocent and beautiful daughter smiling beside me where Adam had just placed her. Ahhhh, it was just a summer thunder storm and nothing else.


  1. Okay, I don't feel so bad now. I thought the same thing. Only I don't swear, so why was I left behind? We are both a little crazy, aren't we? Wonder where we get it?

  2. the thunder at 3:24 woke me up. but obviously you aren't from the midwest, where storms of this magnitude occur approximately every Tuesday, accompanied by howling winds and tornado sirens. as for who to call, definitely katrina as she is most prepared with a plan to face the apocalypse. maybe she left instructions behind along with a hefty supply of spam and burlap. see: http://notesonanapkin.wordpress.com/2009/05/22/how-to-survive-the-apocalypse/