Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Me Monday

I have rolled my eyes at the mention of Twilight for the last few years. I ridiculed my friends, my sister and all the crazy fans of this silly vampire book. I finally give in and read it for a quick and easy beach read. I then, of course, did not proceed to fall madly in love with the first book and finish it one day. And then I did not read the second book the very next day. I am not working on the third book and the only reason it isn't finished is because I think my sweet husband was feeling a little neglected.

I did not do a load of whites and find that I own more wife beaters than any self respecting person.

I did not pack my sons bag for his trip to the coast with my parents and sneak in a little treat with a love note. I'm sure he will be more excited about the treat than the note but I just wanted him to know I was thinking of him.

I did not "help" clean out the garage by mostly sitting and looking through old boxes of my stuff. I found my son's baby book, craft projects to be done, books, pictures and a TON of stuff to yard sale. Regardless of the work I didn't do my husband loved just having me out there. We laughed and talked and who do you know can have so much fun while doing that chore?

I did not wait three weeks to take our feather bed to the dry cleaners. I finally took it last week. I have known the owners for years and they are great people. So when the husband called me and told me he wanted to completely wash it instead of spot clean it, I immediately agreed. And when I went to pick it up I was grateful that they gave us a discount. It was only after I got it home and we put it back on the bed and then laid down we realized the discount wasn't because they loved was because the stuffing was all balled up and they couldn't get it back to normal. It is lumpy and bumpy and not fluffy and feathery anymore. Dang!


  1. I am so glad that you didn't fall in love with Twilight. You totally don't have to go see New Moon with us in November.

  2. super duper happy u r a twilight freak now too, we need to plan a big new moon party.
    p.s nothin wrong w/ wife beater tanks. its only wrong when u r an actual wife beater.

  3. I sleep in a wife beater... I figure if I am wearing it Pat is less likely to be tempted to wear it and mean it. ;o)