Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not, after cleaning both my kids rooms, find that they have more clothes than they could wear in a month. I did not make a decision then and there to adopt the "one in one out" rule. If one new thing comes in the must go out.

I did not babysit my two nephews and my niece and decide that I could totally have five children of my own. I then did not proceed for the next two days to try to convince my sweet, child loving husband into the plan. I did not point out the family yesterday at lunch that had five adorable kiddos who were all well behaved. I did not bat my eyelashes and use my feminine wiles and I won't continue to do that until I get three more babies.

I did not break down and cry at my son's first baseball game from pure exhaustion and a horrific run in with his dad. I do not cry in front of strangers and especially when I am the coach's wife and am trying to make a good impression.

I am the biggest birthday fan in the world so I did not miss my daughters half birthday. I did not have a blog planned out for that very day for the last two months.

I did not go into a local dive bar and did not clean out my purse of cash and coins to take part in the best jukebox battle this little town has ever seen. I also did not play nicey nice when all I really wanted was to strangle the bleach blond, bad roots bartender who was too busy playing Pantera to bring us another round. Oh, and it was not my sweet friend who won the battle with a little Jeff Buckley and some sweet dance moves.


  1. Five kids is easy when they are as mild mannered as ours are. (I came thisclose to typing that without laughing!) I wish I would have had more, too. At least one more, maybe two. Guess I'll have to make do with nieces and nephews. :)

  2. dont u know there is no crying in baseball? i did win the battle of the jukebox didnt i? hehe